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"Sixty years of Labor Insurance, keep you accompanied for life" Labor Insurance 60th Anniversary Tea Reception Last Modified:2011-11-23

The launch of Labor Insurance in 1950 kicked off the Social Insurance System in Taiwan. This year, 2010, Labor Insurance will go through its 60th anniversary. Following the social and economic development and meeting with the needs of labor, labor insurance system has gone through several amendments. The continuously extended coverage and benefit items have made labor insurance the best benefit and protection coverage social insurance. Especially the implementation of Labor Insurance Pension, National Pension and the Maternity Benefits Payment program launched in May of 2010 have opened a new page and milestone in Taiwan’s social insurance. Labor Insurance has fully demonstrated its function in protecting the labors and security of labor household’s economic life. In order to celebrate and mark Labor Insurance’s 60 years of brilliant record in the history of Taiwan’s social insurance, the President, government officials, guests from various field and all previous general manager the Bureau of Labor Insurance would attend the “Sixty years of Labor Insurance, keep you accompanied for life” Tea reception on March 1, 2010 to celebrate the achievement of labor insurance and witness the growth and development of labor insurance in the past 60 years with the labors in the Reception.

When the senior officials address at the Reception, they indicated that the number of people insured by Labor Insurance has exceeded 9 million; as the implementation of National Pension and Labor Pension programs, the government has realized its promises of “giving the elderly the sense of security, dignity and happiness” to labors. So, when people have work, they join Labor Insurance, when people are out of work, they join National Pension Program. Hence, the people served by the Bureau of Labor Insurance have been extended to the common unemployed nationals. The number of people protected by National Pension Program has reached 4.06 million; in addition, the Framers Health Insurance which is commissioned to be handled by the Bureau of Labor Insurance, has also been taking care of 1.55 million farmers; furthermore, through the monthly payment of Old-age Farmers’ Welfare Allowance and Old-age Basic Guaranteed Pension, the Bureau of Labor Insurance is silently protecting the economic life of more than 1.6 million old-aged framers and nationals. Currently, the service scale of the Bureau of Labor Insurance has exceeded 16 million people and the targets serviced have expanded to labors, farmers and common nationals. This is 1 out of 1.4 people in Taiwan is serviced and protected by the Bureau of Labor Insurance, hence, it is easy to see how close the Bureau of Labor Insurance to the daily life of the general public.

As the first line organization of the social security system and at this historic moment, the Bureau of Labor Insurance should think more about the goal and direction of the next 60 years to continuously take on the heavy responsibility to work for the rights and interests of labors. In this New Year, the Bureau of Labor Insurance will continue to launch more measures which offer greater convenience to the people including opening internet booking for services in it’s offices in cities and counties and offering immediate pickup service; the Bureau of Labor Insurance will also fully launch the real-time electronic satisfaction survey system to show its determination in taking up the challenges in servicing the general public; furthermore, for people applying or pension payment, the Bureau of Labor Insurance will send mobile phone short message to notify the applicant immediately after the application is collected. Moreover, setting up system to allow the people to use labor security card in ATM machine to inquire about labor insurance seniority, and build up personal labor pension insurance amount calculation trial system to allow people inquire about account balance and calculate the pension amount.

In order to get closer to the needs of the general public, the Bureau of Labor Insurance is planning a more diverse measure to simplify the process and offer greater convenience to the people. In the future, the copy of national identification card doesn’t need to be attached when people apply for Labor Insurance’s Old-age Benefit, Pension Benefit and National Pension program’s Old-age Benefit, the Bureau of Labor Insurance will directly match and confirm the applications’ data through household administration system; in addition, the Bureau of Labor Insurance will offer more payment channels, except the direct premium payment through post offices and financial institutions, convenience store payment collection will be added.

In the past 60 years, using the labor insurance as the foundation, the complete social security protection network has gradually been constructed. The various services offer by the Bureau of Labor Insurance to the labors will also improve as the time goes and adjust to fit the needs from time to time to face the fast changes in Taiwan’s Social and Economic development. It is hoped that through the participation in this Reception by people from many different field, the general public could understand the government’s efforts more easily. The Bureau of Labor Insurance will continue to offer a more complete social security protection to labors, farmers and unemployed nationals.

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