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Laborers may inquire Individual Labor Pension Account 2014 Earnings Allocations using multiple methods! Last Modified:2015-03-19

Investments for the Labor Pension Fund (New Scheme) are utilized by the Bureau of Labor Funds, Ministry of Labor, and investment earnings are processed by the BLI for allocation into Individual Labor Pensions Accounts. In 2014, investment earnings for the Labor Pension Fund (New Scheme) totaled NTD 75.399 billion, and all allocations for the 2014 Labor Pension Fund (New Scheme) investment earnings have been completed on March 5, 2015. All earnings amounts are available for inquiry in Individual Labor Pension Accounts starting March 6, 2015.

The BLI explains that, since the labor pension premium amount and date of payment for each individual is different, the amount of contribution earnings resulting from labor pension fund utilization will differ. Allocated earnings are calculated according to the percentage weight of the cumulative daily cash balance of Individual Labor Pension Accounts in comparison with the cumulative daily cash balance of all Labor Pension Accounts. Therefore, each laborer will be allocated different amounts of New Scheme Labor Pension utilization earnings. If for example a laborer earns NTD 34,000 in monthly salaries and has been continuously working and paying labor pension premiums since the New Scheme Labor Pension was launched on July 1, 2005, he or she contributes a total of NTD 2,088 per month (monthly contribution wage NTD 34,800 x 6%) and has accumulated approximately NTD 260,400 in his or her Individual Labor Pension Account as of the end of 2014. He or she would then be receiving around NTD 15,600 in Labor Pension investment earnings allocation for the year of 2014.

The BLI further states that laborers may check their earnings allocations through a number of ways, including using their Citizen Digital Certificates for inquiry on the Bureau website, or through using the "Bureau of Labor Insurance Mobile Service APP" on their mobile phones and tablet computers. Inquiries may be conducted once their mobile devices are authenticated using their Citizen Digital Certificates. They may also use Labor Pension Cards issued by Land Bank, E-Sun Bank, Taishin Bank, Fubon Bank, and Taipei First Bank at issuing bank ATMs, or their Post Financial Cards at Post Office ATMs (please visit a post office to sign the BLI Information Inquiry Services Agreement in advance). Due to the reason that earnings allocation data must be transmitted to collaborating banks and post offices then uploaded onto their respective ATM systems, the data will not be available for inquiry until March 7.) Laborers may also conduct inquiries in person at the BLI or at all regional offices with the use of personal identification.

Link to “Bureau of Labor Insurance Mobile Service APP”:  (currently Chinese version only)

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