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1. Who is entitled to receive maternity benefits and how is the payment calculated?

  1. Benefit entitlement:

    (1) An insured female who gives birth 280 days after enrolling in labor insurance coverage.
    (2) An insured female who has a premature delivery 181 days after enrolling in coverage. (The so-called premature delivery means a gestation lasting over 20 weeks and fewer than 37 weeks.)
    (3) The insured person becomes pregnant during the effective period of the insurance and meet the coverage days needed to qualify for the benefit in (1) or (2) and deliver or having a premature delivery due to the same pregnancy within 1 year after the insurance coverage terminated.
  2. Benefit Calculation:(Due to the non-retroactive legal principle, the insured person who gives birth or has premature delivery before May 30th, 2014 may only claim a 30-day lump-sum payments)

    (1) Maternity benefits is a 60-day lump-sum payments based upon the 6-month average of insured salary before the delivery or premature delivery date. (for people who withdraws from the insurance, the month of withdrawal)
    (2) In case of a plural birth resulting from childbirth, the payment shall be increased proportionately.



Last Update:2023-04-25