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Bilingual Glossary

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Chinese English
輔助設施補助 Assistance Facilities Subsidy
器具補助 Assistance Equipment Subsidy
平均月投保薪資 Average Monthly Insurance Salary
外國專業人才延攬及僱用法 Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals
受益人 Beneficiary
基本工資 Basic Wage
給付 Benefits
勞工保險局 Bureau of Labor Insurance
死亡補助(職業災害) Death Grant(Work Injury)
身體障害生活津貼 Disability Living Allowance
殘廢補助(職業災害) Disability Grant(Work Injury)
失能年金 Disability Pension
眷屬補助 Dependent Allowance
國民年金法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of the National Pension Act
提早就業獎助津貼 Early Reemployment Incentive
就業保險 Employment Insurance
就業保險法 Employment Insurance Act
就業保險基金 Employment Insurance Fund
農民健康保險條例施行細則 Enforcement Rules of the Farmers' Health Insurance Act
就業保險法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of the Employment Insurance Act
勞工保險條例施行細則 Enforcement Rules of the Labor Insurance Act
職業災害勞工保護法施行細則 Enforcement Rules of the Occupational Accident Labor Protection Act
勞工退休金條例施行細則 Enforcement Rules of the Labor Pension Act
實績費率實施辦法 Experience Rate Regulations
農民健康保險 Farmers' Health Insurance
農民健康保險條例 Farmers' Health Insurance Act
家屬死亡給付(喪葬津貼) Funeral Grant
家屬死亡給付申請書(喪葬津貼申請書) Funeral Grant Application Form
喪葬給付 Funeral Benefit
原住民給付 Indigenous People Payment
傷病給付 Injury or Sickness Benefits(Temporary Disability Benefits)
保險給付 Insurance Benefits
保險範圍 Insurance Coverage
保險費 Insurance Premium
被保險人 Insured Person
投保單位 Insured Unit
保險人 Insurer
勞工保險 Labor Insurance
勞工保險條例 Labor Insurance Act
勞工保險基金 Labor Insurance Fund
勞工保險監理委員會 Labor Insurance Supervisory Commission
勞工退休金 Labor Pension
勞工退休金條例 Labor Pension Act
勞動基準法 Labor Standards Act
勞工退休金基金 Labor Pension Fund
勞工退休金申請書及收據 Labor Pension Application Form and Receipt
勞工退休金遺屬或指定請領人申請書及收據 Labor Pension Application Form and Receipt by Worker’s Dependent or Designated Applicant
失能一次金 Lump-sum disability benefit
老年一次金給付 Lump-sum Old-Age Benefit
勞工保險失能給付標準表 Labor Insurance Disability Benefit Payment Standards
勞工退休金月提繳工資分級表 Monthly Contribution Wages Classification of Labor Pension
勞動部 Ministry of Labor
身心障礙年金給付 Mentally/Physically Disability Pension Payment
身心障礙基本保證年金 Mentally/Physically Disability Basic Guaranteed Pension Payment
生育給付 Maternity Benefits
生育給付申請書 Maternity Benefits Application Form
最低月投保薪資 Minimum Monthly Insurance Salary
失蹤津貼 Missing Allowance
月投保薪資 Monthly Insurance Salary
國民年金法 National Pension Act
國民年金保險基金 National Pension Insurance Fund
國民年金保險 National Pension Insurance
老年基本保證年金 Old-Age Basic Guaranteed Pension Payments
一次請領老年給付 One time Old-Age Benefit
老年年金給付 Old-Age Pension Benefit
職業傷病失能補償一次金 Occupational Injury or Disease Disability Compensation
老年給付申請書 Old-Age Benefits Application Form
職業災害死亡補償一次金 One-time Death Compensation for Occupational Accident
勞動部勞工保險局委託辦理勞工保險失能年金給付個別化專業評估作業要點 Operation Directions for Conducting the Individualized Professional Evaluation for the Permanent Disability Pension of the Labor Insurance Commissione
職業災害 Occupational Accident
職業災害保險 Occupational Accident Insurance
職業災害勞工保護 Occupational Accident Labor Protection
職業災害勞工保護法 Occupational Accident Labor Protection Act
職業災害醫療給付 Occupational Accident Medical Benefits
職業病補償費 Occupational Disease Compensation
職業疾病生活津貼 Occupational Disease Living Allowance
職業傷害補償費 Occupational Injury Compensation
老年給付 Old-Age Benefits
敬老津貼 Old-Age Citizens' Welfare Allowance
老農津貼 Old-Age Farmers' Welfare Allowance
原住民敬老津貼 Old-Age Indigenes' Welfare Allowance
普通事故保險 Ordinary Insurance
積欠工資墊償 Overdue Wages Payment
積欠工資墊償基金 Overdue Wages Payment Fund
失能給付 Permanent Disability Benefits
失能給付申請書 Permanent Disability Benefits Application Form
公立就業服務機構 Public Employment Service Institution
育嬰留職停薪津貼 Parental Leave Allowance
積欠工資墊償基金提繳及墊償管理辦法 Regulations for the Management, Repayment, Collection and Allocation of the Arrear Wage Debts
失業被保險人及其眷屬全民健康保險保險費補助辦法 Regulations of the National Health Insurance Premium Subsidization for the Unemployed Insured Person and Their Dependants
勞工保險被保險人因執行職務而致傷病審查準則 Regulations of the Examination of Injuries and Sickness Resulting from the Performance of Duties by the Insured Persons of the Labor Insurance Program
勞工保險爭議事項審議辦法 Regulations of the Settlement for Labor Insurance Disputes
本人死亡給付 Survivor Benefits
本人死亡給付申請書 Survivor Benefits Application Form
家屬補助 Survivors' Subsidy
遺屬年金給付 Survivors Pension Payment
遺屬津貼 Survivor Allowance
遺屬年金 Survivor Pension
勞工保險職業災害保險適用行業別及費率表 Table of Business Category and Premium Applicable for the Occupational Accident of Labor Insurance
勞工保險投保薪資分級表 Table of Grades of Labor Insurance Salary
失業給付 Unemployment Benefits
失業給付申請書 Unemployment Benefits Application Form
職業訓練生活津貼 Vocational Training Living Allowance
福利津貼 Welfare Allowance
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