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Public Service

How to Inquire Personal Insurance Data?

According to the regulations stipulated in “Personal Information Protection Act” and “The Freedom of Government Information Act”, the insurance data of the insured person could only be inquired by the insured person or the insured unit he/she belongs (Except for the insured person who retires at the defined retirement age, insured unit could only inquire the insured person’s data with the unit). The method for inquiring personal insurance data as following: 

I. Inquires via Labor Protection Card through Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs):

Insured person could bring his/her national identification card and the original copy of other ID that could prove his/her identity (such as driver’s license or health insurance IC card) to the financial institutions that cooperate with the Bureau of Labor Insurance(Taiwan Land Bank, E.SUN Bank ,Taipei Fubon Bank, Taishin International Bank, First Bank) to apply for Labor Protection Card. Starting from July 1, 2006, the insured person could inquire and print the latest 6 labor insurance records (including insurance enrollment, withdrawal and insurance salary adjustment) through the Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) of the issuing banks);furthermore, starting from March 1, 2010, one could inquire his/her total labor insurance seniority.  (For those who have already applied for Labor Protection Card, they should sign written agreement with the original card issuing bank or select the agreed items through the ATMs of the card issuing bank to complete the contract switch procedure and agree that the Bureau could offer labor insurance data to the card issuing bank, then they could inquire their insurance data through the ATMs of the card issuing banks.)

II. Inquire with Chunghwa Post ATM Card through its physical ATM machines:

If the insured is a holder of the Chunghwa Post ATM card, he/she may apply for the service by visiting the Chunghwa Post offices around the country, bringing in person his/her ID card, passbook, specimen chop and ATM card (including IC debit cards and VISA debit cards). He/she should in the meantime issue a letter of consent authorizing the BLI to provide relevant labor insurance information to Chunghwa Post for inquiry/printing by the insured only. On completing the procedures, the insured may inquire through the physical ATM machines of Chunghwa Post Co. and print out the information, including the insured period and the latest six labor insurance transaction records based on the date of change (including enrollment, withdrawal and adjustment of insured salary).

III. Inquire through Internet:

  1. Inquire through the Bureau's e-desk service system:
    If the insured person owns the IC card type Citizen Digital Certificate issued by the Certificate Authority of the Ministry of the Interior ( and has the card reader ready, he/she could then enter the Bureau’s website ( to inquire his/her personal labor insurance seniority and detailed insurance enrollment data in the Inquiring Section/ Details of Changes/Labor Insurance Changes. He/she could also use both the NHI card number and the ID number of registered Household Certificate to enter the Bureau’s website to inquire the information mentioned above.
  2. Inquire through Labor Protection Card:
    If an insured person owns a Labor Protection Card issued by financial institutions cooperated with the Bureau of Labor Insurance, he/she could access the ATM websites of the card issuing banks and then connect to the website of the Bureau after his/her identity is verified by the card issuing banks to inquire personal insurance seniority and detailed insurance data. 〔more information〕
  3. Inquire through the Mobile Service APP of BLI:
    To ensure the security of personal information, first-time users of the service are required to, after downloading BLI’s “Mobile Service APP” through their smart phones or tablets, establish a “Mobile Service Account” and acquire an access password via BLI's e-Service System using their Citizen Digital Certificates or both the NHI card number and the ID number of registered Household Certificate, in the meantime complete the authentication for the mobile devices. The insured may then access to his/her labor insurance information. The procedures are as follows:
    (1) Log in to BLI's e-Services System and click “Mobile Service Account Operations”, use the Citizen Digital Certificate or both the NHI card number and the ID number of registered Household Certificate to set up and activate the account as instructed; obtain the QR-code and authentication code for the device which is created by the system.
    (2) Download BLI's Mobile Service APP via a smart phone or tablet, access to the “Device Authentication” function in the APP and complete mobile device authentication through “reading QR-code” or “inputting the device authentication code”.

IV. Inquire Over-the-Counter:

  1. Insured person inquire personally:
    Insured person should bring IDs that bearing personal picture (national identification card, driver’s license, passport, or health insurance IC card) to the local offices of the Bureau then he/she could obtain labor insurance data right away (including detail insurance enrollment, and withdrawal data, insurance salary adjustment data and the labor insurance seniority counted to the inquiring date).
  2. Inquire through authorizing others:
    The person authorized by the insured person should prepare a Power of Attorney (written with reasons for authorization, range of authorization, and names, ID numbers, birthday, household registration address and contact numbers of the authorizer and trustee) and bring the original copies of both sides’ National Identification Cards (for identity verification) and photocopies of the National Identification Cards (for keeping as reference) and seals to apply for inquiring the insurance data.

V. Inquire through phones:

Voice Inquiring Number (412-1111 ext 123#; mobile phone and off-island areas, please call 02-412-1111 ext 123#):
In the service item of “Inquiring Insured Person’s Insurance Data”:
(1) Select 1 “Inquire the latest data of the insured person” and enter the serial number of National Identification Card then the insured person could inquire whether he/she is covered by labor insurance. If the Insurance Card number of the service unit is entered, the latest transaction with the unit could also be offered (coverage enrollment, withdrawal or insurance salary adjustment date).
(2) Select 2 “Inquire Insured Person’s Labor Insurance Coverage Seniority” and then enter the serial number of the National Identification Card and the Insurance Number of the Service Unit, then one could inquire the total labor insurance coverage seniority.

Ⅵ. Inquire via a written inquiry:

If an insured person wants to inquire his/her insurance data with a written inquiry, please clearly identify his/her name, birthday and number of National Identification Card and enclose the photocopy of the front and back sides of the National Identification Card. After the Bureau of Labor Insurance verifies the written inquiry, the labor insurance data is then printed (including detailed insurance enrollment, withdrawal, insurance salary adjustment date, and total labor insurance coverage seniority) and mailed to the household registration address recorded on the National Identification Cards. 

Last Update:2020-12-03