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Business Topic

Claim Procedures

1.    Application for Pension by Farmers
Farmers who make payments into farmers’ pensions shall be able to collect their pensions from the time they turn 65 years of age.

2.    Application for Early Pension by Farmers (restricted to the physically/mentally disabled) 
A farmer under 65 may apply for early payment of farmer's pension fund if he/she meets one of the following conditions the farmer shall decide the limit to the number of years he/she can collect, and the money shall be disbursed monthly:
(1)    Those who collect disability payments under the Farmer Health Insurance Act who are determined by their insurer to be unable to continue to do agricultural work.
(2)    Those who collect disability pension payments under the Labor Insurance Act or have collected the lump-sum disability payment for third level disability or above.
(3)    Those who collect disability pension payments or disability basic guaranteed pension payments under the National Pension Act.
(4)    Insured persons who do not fall under the previous three subparagraphs who are nevertheless disabled in conformance with the previous three subparagraphs.

3.    Application for a Single Payment of Farmer Pension Fund by the farmer's heirs
(1)    In case the farmer dies prior to collecting his/her farmers' pension:
In cases of a farmer who dies prior to collecting from his/her farmers’ pension, the farmers’ pension shall be collected by the farmer’s heirs or a designated collector in a single payment. 
(2)    In case the farmer dies after having collected his/her farmers' pension:
For a farmer who collected payments from his/her farmers’ pension but died before reaching average life expectancy as noted in Farmer Pension Act or before reaching the limit to the number of years the farmer can collect(In other words, the farmer dies when there is still outstanding amount in his/her individual pension account)the payments from the farmers’ pension shall cease. The remaining amount in the individual farmers’ pension account shall be collected by the heirs of the farmer or a designated collector.
(3)    The order of priority of heirs for collection of farmers’ pensions as stipulated previous shall be as follows, when there are multiple individuals in the same category of heirs, they shall collectively collect the pension, and in cases where there are unnamed heirs, the heirs who collect the pension shall be responsible for giving them a share. However, in cases where the farmer, while still alive, named a designated collector in a will, the will shall be followed.
A.    Spouses and children
B.    Parents
C.    Grandparents
D.    Grandchildren
E.    Siblings
Last Update:2022-11-18