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Business Topic

Insurance Benefits

Farmers are entitled to social insurance coverage such as the Farmer Health Insurance Program and Farmer Occupational Accident Insurance Program. The allowances offered include: Maternity benefits for the insured and his/her spouse, Occupational Injury or Occupational Sickness benefits, Medical care allowances, Disability benefits and Funeral grants.

(1)Maternity Benefits
In case an insured person or the spouse of an insured person has childbirth after the insured person joins in the program, the insured person is entitled to claim a lump sum of maternity benefits equivalent to three months of his/her current monthly insurance amount. In case of a plural or multiple birth, the maternity benefits that can be claimed are increased in proportion to the number of newborn infants.

(2)Occupational Injury or Occupational Sickness Benefits, Medical Care Allowances
If, during the period of his/her participation in Farmer Occupational Accident Insurance, the insured becomes incapable of working due to occupational injuries or occupational sickness incurred when practically engaged in farming and consequently suffers from the loss of income, the insured shall be entitled to occupational injury or occupational sickness benefits and medical care allowances from the fourth day after being incapacitated for work, if he/she is receiving medical care at that time.
With effect from February 10, 2023, the monthly insured amount for Farmer Occupational Injury Insurance has been raised from NTD10,200 to NTD20,400. The additional injury or sickness benefits are no longer granted.
The benefits are granted based on the following standards:
A.“Occupational Injury or Occupational Sickness Benefits”: Occupational injury or occupational sickness benefits shall be payable on a daily basis at the rate of 70% of the insured amount for the current month when the insured person met with the insured accident. If the injured person has not recovered from the occupational injury or occupational sickness after one full year, the occupational injury or occupational sickness benefits are reduced to 50% of the insured amount for the current month when the insured person met with the insured accident, for another maximum period of one year.
B.“Medical Care Allowances”: The allowance amount shall be NT$50 per day for outpatient medical care and NT$900 per day for hospitalization medical care. On receiving the claim from the insured person for the “Occupational Injury or Occupational Sickness Benefits”, the BLI will proactively examine the payment of Medical Care Allowances based on the approved number of days for the “Occupational Injury or Occupational Sickness Benefits”. It is not necessary to file a separate application.
C. The total benefit payable = “Occupational Injury or Occupational Sickness Benefits” + “Medical Care Allowances”

(3)Disability Benefits
In case an insured person suffers from any residual physical handle in the wake of medical treatment of injury or sickness, and such disability conforms to the Table to Assess the Degree of Disability and Benefits Payment of Farmer's Health Insurance, the insured person is entitled to claimed disability allowances equivalent from 30 to 1,200 days of half the amount of days multiplied by daily insured amount, depending on the degree of disability. If the insured is mentally or physically disabled due to injuries, he/she shall be entitled to an additional 50% of the allowances prescribed in relevant regulations. The allowances amount shall equal 45 to 1,800 times of the daily insured amount.

(4)Funeral Grant
In the event of the death of the insured person, funeral grant equivalent to 15 months of the monthly insured amount is payable to the person who pays for the funeral costs. If the insured is deceased due to injuries, allowances amounting to 30 times the monthly insured amount shall be paid.
Last Update:2023-04-21