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Business Topic

Insurance Enrollment Procedure and Insurance Effect

  1. The insured persons of labor insurance, if they are also covered under employment insurance, don’t need to apply to be enrolled in employment insurance, the Bureau of Labor Insurance (BLI) would automatically cover them in employment insurance as insured persons, the insurance would be effective according to the following principles:

    (1) For insured persons who have already enrolled in labor insurance before the implementation of Employment Insurance Act, they are covered under the employment insurance on the day the Employment Insurance Act is implemented. If the insured unit reports the insured person to withdrawal from labor insurance, they would also withdrawal from employment insurance simultaneously.
    (2) For workers who enroll in labor insurance after the implementation of the Employment Insurance Act, from the day the insured unit reports their enrollment to labor insurance, and the labor insurance becomes effective, they are covered under the employment insurance at the same time. If the insured unit reports the insured person’s withdrawal from labor insurance, they would also withdrawal from employment insurance simultaneously.
  2. For Employed workers who could be covered under employment insurance, if their employer or the organization they belong to hire less than 5 persons, or their employers’ business types are not included in the compulsory coverage of labor insurance, the employers or the organizations are unable to become insured unit of labor insurance, their employers or organizations should enroll their employees in employment insurance on the day Employment Insurance Act is implemented or the day the workers report for work. The documents need for enrolling in Employment Insurance are as follows:

    (1) Application Form for applying as Employment and Labor Pension Insurance Units(the basic data of the business or the employer should be filled in)
    (2) Application Form for Enrollment in Employment and Labor Pension Insurance (the basic data of the employees should be filled in)
    (3) A copy of the Agreement for authorizing the labor insurance insured unit to pay the insurance premium to BLI.
    (4) Front and Back copy of national identity card of the person in charge
    (5) Common company should provide the copy of company registration document, and factory should prepare the copy of the related documents for factory registration or establishment approval (if the above documents have not been issued by the component authorities, one could enclose the Business Tax payment notification or the approval letter for business establishment with the tax number issued by the taxation organization).
    (6) Other insured unit should provide the copy of the Permit or Registration documents issued by component authorities.
  3. For companies and firms with less than five employees, or the insured units that are not required by law to participate in labor insurance, they should, after having completed the application procedures for employment insurance based on the aforementioned regulations, file an application to the BLI whenever there is any new employment, separation, adjustment of monthly insurance salary or information change. 
  4. Other issues relating to the commencement and termination of insurance coverage shall be governed by the Labor Insurance Act and other relevant regulations.
Last Update:2022-05-05