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Workers May Continue with Labor Insurance and Employment Insurance Enrollment during the Period of Parental Leave and Accumulate Insurance Seniority. Employers Are Also Exempted from Premium Payment.

For parents, the experience of raising a child is a sweet burden. To support the new parents and protect their rights and interests during the period of parental leave, the government has implemented various encouraging regulations. In addition to parental leave allowance, workers may continue participating in the ordinary insurance of the labor insurance program as well as the employment insurance; in the meantime accumulate their insurance seniority.

The Bureau of Labor Insurance (BLI) explained that, since the implementation of the Act of Gender Equality in Employment in 2002, an insured person under the labor (employment) insurance program is qualified for continued enrollment during the period of parental leave, subject to that they have been in service for one year or more and need to take care of a child (children) of three years or younger, and that the parental leave has been approved by the employer. Currently, there are about 50,000 insured persons with continued enrollment during the period of parental leave. To reduce the financial burden of the insured persons and the employers, the premium originally paid by the employer (70%) shall be exempted if the insured person continues to participate in the insurance programs during the period of parental leave. If required by the insured person, payment of the premium originally borne by the insured person (20%) may be deferred for three years.

To simplify the application procedures, the BLI has combined the “Application Form for Parental Leave Allowance” and the “Application Form for Continued Enrollment during the Period of Parental Leave” into one single form. The insured units may, therefore, complete the application procedures for both simply by filling out the “Application Form for Parental Leave Allowance and Continued Enrollment”. This also helps to avoid the situation where the insured person relatively omits the application for continued enrollment when claiming the parental leave allowance. Apart from written applications, the insured units are also encouraged to file online applications for continued enrollment during the parental leave period, using the quick and convenient “e-Service System” of the BLI.

Lastly, the BLI reminds the insured units that, once the period of continued enrollment for parental leave has expired, the status of the insured person shall be immediately resumed to “regular”. If the insured person has returned to work at an earlier date, the insured unit should complete and send the “Notification Letter for Insured Person Leaving Military Service or Resuming Employment” to the BLI. If the insured person chooses to terminate the labor contract during the parental leave period, or if he/she opts not to return to work after the parental leave period and resigns, the insured unit should also complete the withdrawal procedures accordingly.
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Last Update:2021-05-14