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To safeguard the rights and interests of the insured persons, claimants for labor insurance pension and lump-sum benefit can both apply for a designated account.

To ensure the basic economic security of the insured persons and the beneficiaries, it was formerly stipulated in the Labor Insurance Act that applicants for labor insurance pension payments may establish a designated account for depositing the pension payment. The deposits in the account shall not be used as the objects of seizure or compulsory execution. To further strengthen the protective measures for the insured persons and his/her beneficiary (beneficiaries) when claiming labor insurance benefits, the government has revised Article 29 of the Labor Insurance Act. Applicants for lump-sum benefits are now allowed to open the designated accounts. With effect from April 30, 2021, individuals claiming labor insurance pension and lump-sum benefits are both allowed to establish designated accounts for depositing the benefit payments. Deposits in the designated account shall not be the objects of offset, seizure, mortgage or compulsory execution.

According to the BLI, holders of the designated accounts for labor insurance benefits may freely withdraw or transfer the funds from/to the account, in the same way as for the regular accounts. Interest will be accrued based on the balance in the bank account. Furthermore, if the insured person or his/her beneficiary (beneficiaries) has already opened a designated account for labor insurance pension payment, he/she may use this account to receive various lump-sum benefits of labor insurance. It is not necessary to open a new account.

For individuals not holding a designated account but concerned about the potential seizure of the benefit payments, he/she may visit the local BLI offices and complete the “Application Form for the Opening of a Designated Account for Labor Insurance Benefits” or tick the box of “Remit to the designated account of the Applicant” under “Payment Method” of the form. The BLI, after accepting the application, will issue a “Notice for the Opening of a Designated Account for Labor Insurance Benefits”. The insured person or his/her beneficiary (beneficiaries) should visit the local branches of the Land Bank of Taiwan in person to open the designated account for labor insurance benefits, presenting the notice letter, his/her personal identity card, personal seal, as well as a second identity document carrying his/her photo. For detailed information about the designated account, please visit the BLI’s global website ( (FAQs/Labor Insurance& Employment Insurance/Benefits/Labor Insurance Pension/Labor Insurance Pension-Specific Accounts )
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Last Update:2021-06-24