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Private preschools with five employees or more shall be subject to compulsory enrollment to labor insurance.

Children in preschools are important assets of the nation in future. Preschools provide care and education services to the young children. Private preschools are, therefore, categorized as “Public-Interest Entities” under the Labor Insurance Act. Private preschools with five or more employees shall be subject to compulsory enrollment to the labor insurance. Private preschools with one employee or more shall be subject to compulsory enrollment to the employment insurance.

The BLI explained that, the labor insurance and employment insurance programs offer insurance benefits to the insured persons at the critical stages of their lives. People of different occupations are, inevitably, exposed to different risks. When an insured person suffers from occupational injuries/diseases at work, the insurance benefits not only help to support the economic life of the insured person and his/her family, but also can count as a deductible from the compensation payable by the employer against the occupational accident. To protect both the employers and the employees, therefore, it is important to ensure that the enrollment procedures are completed on the date of employment.

The BLI stresses that, if the insured unit failed to enroll the employee as required and such failure is verified following investigations, the BLI shall impose a fine according to the regulations. Also, the insured unit shall be responsible for compensating the employee if he/she suffers from any loss thereby. In addition, according to the “Criteria for the Basic Assessment of Preschools” announced by the Ministry of Education, the competent authority of the county/city will also check the enrollment status as one of the assessment items. Your close attention is therefore required.

The BLI also calls on the workers to pay more attention to their own rights and interests. They are reminded to check their labor insurance enrollment status proactively. Currently, the BLI provides diversified channels for inquiries. For example, inquiries can be made through Citizen Digital Certificates (card readers are required) or through the combination of the NHI card number and household registration number (card readers are not required), using the BLI’s e-service system. Alternatively, inquiries can be made using the labor protection card through the ATMs of the issuing banks. Telephone and counter services are also available. The insured persons are encouraged to optimize the utilization of these channels.
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Last Update:2021-06-24