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Employers Must Enroll Their Summertime Student Workers in Labor (Employment) Insurance and Contribute to Labor Pension to Protect Their Labor Rights.

Due to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 employment market for summertime jobs is filled with uncertainty. It is expected that students will gradually return to the summertime job market to build up their work experience and competency when the Level 3 alert is lifted. The Bureau of Labor Insurance (BLI) reminds the employers that, although the summertime jobs are offered on a short-term basis, the employers should ensure that they enroll these student workers to labor (employment) insurance and start contributing to labor pension on the date of employment. The purpose is to protect the job security and labor rights of the student workers and avoid penalty.

The BLI explained that a business entity shall be subject to the compulsory enrollment requirements under the Employment Insurance Act if it has one or more eligible employees thereunder. The business entity should, in accordance with relevant regulations, enroll the employee on the date of employment. Business entities with five or more employees shall be subject to the compulsory enrollment requirements under the Labor Insurance Act and the Employment Insurance Act. The employer should complete the enrollment procedures for labor (employment) insurance on the date of employment. Business entities applicable to the Labor Standards Act should also make labor pension contribution for the employee.

When applying for enrollment of summertime student workers in labor (employment) Insurance and contributing to their labor pension, the insured unit should honestly report the actual monthly wage of the student workers. The BLI will proactively classify the workers into appropriate categories according to the “Table of Grades of Labor Insurance Salary” and “Monthly Contributions Classification of Labor Pension”. If the student worker is hired on a part-time basis, please make sure that a note stating “part-time” is added to (or ticked on) the enrollment application form so that the labor (employment) insurance premium and labor pension contribution can be calculated and charged correctly.

To proactively remind the insured units to comply with the laws, the BLI has printed a notice on the back of the insurance premium payment slips (sent at the end of June) for May this year (2021), reminding the insured units that attention should be paid to the rights of summertime student workers with regard to labor (employment) insurance and labor pension contribution. Student workers may also inquire whether their employers have enrolled them in the insurance and contribute to the labor pension program, using their Citizen Digital Certificate, Chunghwa Post ATM Card or Labor Protection Card, by telephone, or over the counter, so as to ensure the protection of their personal rights and interests at any time.
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Last Update:2021-07-16