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Labor Insurance Insured Persons Test Positive COVID-19 Are Eligible to Apply for Relevant Labor Insurance Benefits.

If an insured person contracts COVID-19 during the coverage period of labor insurance, he/she may claim for relevant injury or sickness, disability or death benefits in accordance with the relevant regulations in the Labor Insurance Act. As at November 5, 2021, a total of 109 claims for labor insurance occupational accident benefits have been filed by the insured persons who have contracted COVID-19. There were also 544 claims for ordinary insurance benefits, of which 172 claims were filed by the insured persons who had been arranged to stay in the government quarantine facility or service-enhanced quarantine hotels for medical treatments.

According to the BLI, an insured person is eligible to apply for the injury or sickness benefits of labor insurance if he/she is hospitalized for COVID-19, is unable to work and, as a result, unable to receive the original salary. As an extended protection for the workers, an insured person may claim for ordinary injury or sickness benefits from the BLI if he/she has been arranged by the municipality and county (city) government to stay in the government quarantine facility or service-enhanced quarantine hotels for medical treatments. If an insured person suspects that he/she has contracted the disease for work-related reasons, the individual may contact a nearby Occupational Diseases and Injuries Service Center and Occupational Diseases and Injuries Service Network Hospital for a diagnosis.

The BLI reminded the insured persons that, when claiming for occupational accident benefits, they should provide, in addition to the required application forms and diagnosis certificates, other supporting documents to prove that the infection was caused by work-related reasons, including evidences of having contacted with  COVID-19 confirmed case, a PCR test result, or notice for quarantine issued by the health authorities. If BLI confirms a cause-and-effect relationship in a case, it will be considered as an occupational injury. If it is difficult to identify the source of infection, the BLI will proactively contact the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control, Ministry of Health and Welfare or competent health authorities at different levels to obtain the relevant contact tracing information, so as to safeguard the rights and interests for claiming benefits of the workers.

To increase the information accessibility, the BLI has provided further explanation on the labor insurance benefits against COVID-19-related claims, as well as relevant document requirements. The information can be found in the BLI’s global website, under "The BLI - Assistance Measures to cope with the COVID-19 Pandemic".
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Last Update:2021-12-27