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Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor has been reorganized for a sustainable development and sophisticated services.

Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor (hereinafter referred to as BLI) had been formally established on February 17, 2014. The reorganization includes three major changes: state-owned enterprises have been changed into the executive authorities of the government; fund utilization operations and occupational accident labor protection services have been transferred to appointed authorities; the internal organizational structure has been re-adjusted.

BLI had been originally positioned as a state-owned enterprise but not for commercial purposes, and now has been reorganized as the executive authorities of the government, solving the problem that it does not function as its name and making exchanges with other executive personnel smooth. In response to reorganization promoted by Executive Yuan, and in accord with the overall reorganization planning of Ministry of Labor, BLI would transferred fund utilization operations to Bureau of Labor Funds and occupational accident labor protection operations to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, while relevant personnel would be shifted as well.

After the reorganization, BLI is responsible for social insurance. And for better streamlining, flexibility and efficacy, BLI reorganized and combined its internal structure. As a result, the Planning and Management Division takes charge in audit, evaluation and business execution of local offices, and strengthens the unified management. Receipts and payments of premiums and enrollment of occupational unions, fishermen's association and overdue premiums matters are conducted by Premiums Division. The Ordinary Accident Benefits Payment Division and Occupational Benefits Payment Division are in charge of application, audit and payment of payment in accordance with the accident attribute respectively. The overall organization is more flat and effective so as to raise the overall quality of service.

This year, the labor insurance ran into its 64th year. Services offered by BLI have been gradually extended from Labor Insurance to Overdue Wages Payments, Farmer's Health Insurance, various Old-age Welfare Allowances, Occupational Injury Allowances, Employment Insurance, Labor Pension, and National Pension etc.. BLI would continue to manage Labor Insurance, National Insurance Double Pension and Labor Pension System to provide an adequate security for the old-age, so that they could live with dignity and economic protection. In terms of public service, working with comprehensive promotion of government service procedure transformation, it is expected this year to continue to implement application for the relevant payments without written information such as household registration book, and birth certificates etc, and to offer application ways like networking and Citizen Personal Certificate, and to enhance electronic claim procedure, striving to streamline administration for the convenience to the public and providing the public with convenient service channels.

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Last Update:2014-09-05