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Register the birth of your newborn baby as soon as possible and your application for the maternity benefits will become more convenient for you!

In the past, when an application was filed with the BLI for the maternity benefits, the birth certificate of the baby or a transcript of the household registration had to be submitted for review. However, in order to enhance efficiency of our service, simplify the application procedure and save energy and reduce CO2 emissions, the requirements for this application have been modified. Now if a mother has completed the birth registration of her baby when applying for the maternity benefits, she doesn’t have to submit the birth certificate as an attachment because the BLI can directly compare her application with the household registration data maintained by the Ministry of the Interior. However, if the birth registration of the baby has not been completed, the birth certificate must also be provided for review when an application for maternity benefits is submitted.

Therefore, after completing the birth registration, those mothers who are eligible for the maternity benefits may simply fill out the Maternity Benefits Application Form and Disbursement Receipt and submit it to the BLI. Please pay special attention to this: Besides submitting the application to the BLI through the insured unit, any working mother may file her own application with the BLI for the maternity benefits directly, which means there is no need to apply through the insured unit anymore.

After receiving the maternity benefits application form, the BLI will review it as soon as possible. If the applicant is eligible to receive the benefits, the payment will be remitted to the account with the financial institution designated by the applicant. At present, each month there are over 12,000 applicants for the maternity benefits of the labor insurance; and over 1,000 applicants for the insurance maternity benefits of the national pension.

The BLI would also like to remind you: As long as you are eligible, you may apply for the maternity benefits of the labor insurance or the national pension insurance any time within five years after the birth of the child, or you may apply for the maternity benefits of the farmer’s health insurance within two years after the birth of the child. However, you are encouraged to register the birth of your newborn baby with the local household registration office as soon as possible, so that the application procedure for the maternity benefits may become more convenient for you, and you may receive the maternity allowance as early as possible.

PreviousThe Implementation Rules of the Labor Pension Act was amended and promulgated by the Ministry of Labor on June 24, 2014. NextAs from June 9, 2014, you may pay your labor insurance premiums, contributions to the labor pension fund or national pension insurance premiums at the CTBC Bank by means of its counter or online transfer service. Please make good use of it!
Last Update:2014-07-24