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We encourage the insured units to make good use of the BLI E-service system to apply for electronic bills.

To reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions while maintaining security of the insured persons' personal information, BLI has opened its electronic bill application service to the insured units currently enrolled in BLI E-service system, starting May 2014. BLI encourages all of the insured units to help conserve the environment by making good use of this service.

To safeguard insured persons' personal information—which is included in the statement of various charges that accompanies the monthly paper version bill—BLI only allows the insured units who are currently enrolled in the E-service system to access the electronic bill application service. If an insured unit is not enrolled in the system and wants to apply for this service, please register with the system before applying for electronic bills.

To apply for electronic bills, the insured units that are already registered only need to apply for the electronic bill service and then activate it. The first month after successfully activating the service, the insured unit will receive both paper and electronic versions of the bill from the BLI, but starting the following month, only the electronic version will be sent. For the sake of personal information security, the accompanying statement of various charges will not be sent along with the electronic bill. We ask all insured units to download it from the E-service system for their own reference.

The electronic bills are sent out around the 21st of each month; the insured units should make sure that they do receive the bills. If you do not receive the bills at the expected time, you can download them from the BLI E-service system (https://edesk.the, or request electronic replacements via the phone number of the office in charge, which is listed on the original paper version.


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Last Update:2014-09-10