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Apply for parental leave allowance or continuous enrollment just once, eliminating all worries for stay-at-home parenting.

In the past, those insured applying for parental leave allowance and continuous enrollment must complete two separate forms, "Parental Leave Allowance Application Form and Receipt" and "Non-pay Parental Leave Continuous Enrollment Application Form". The insured often only fill out the application for parental leave allowance and omit the continuous enrollment form.

Since the Ministry of Labor relaxed the legal explanation in April of 2015, employees may continue to participate in their existing social insurance if the employers allow employees with less than 6 months of service to apply for parental leave without pay. Henceforth, those who meet the requirements for parental leave allowance also meet the requirements for continuous enrollment. To provide the insured with a more convenient way to apply and safeguard the interests of the insured, the Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor combined the two forms, " Parental Leave Allowance Application Form and Receipt" and "Non-pay Parental Leave Continuous Enrollment Application Form", into one form, "The Application for, Receipt of Parental Leave Allowance and Continuous Enrollment", since October 2015. Insured individuals only need to fill out one form to complete the application procedures all at once.

If the insured chooses to continue enrollment during the non-pay parental leave period, the 70% premium originally paid by the employer does not need to be paid anymore; the 20% paid by the insured can be delayed by 3 years to lessen the burden of the insured!

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Last Update:2015-11-03