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To prevent the occurrence of occupational diseases for workers in high-risk occupations and settings, take advantage of the free health check offer included in labor insurance.

In order to maintain insured workers' health and to realize the concept of “prevention is better than curing," each year, the Bureau of Labor Insurance (hereinafter referred to as BLI) sends out health check invitations to workers in more than 16,000 insured units categorized as high-risk industries. The insured who meet the eligible criteria are entitled to the free health checks, which can help identify occupational diseases in their early stages and apply treatment as early as possible.

According to the BLI, the free health check is meant for workers in high-risk settings, as described in Article 2 of the Labor Health Protection Regulations, including those working in high temperature, noisy, dusty or compressed air environment, and workers with exposure to the manufacturing, process, or use of lead, benzene, asbestos, manganese, and cadmium are also categorized as high-risk groups. This preventive occupational diseases health check is different from the general health check, as it has special focus on workers in various hazardous working environments where check-up items may vary. For example, health check for workers exposed to asbestos will include pulmonary function and skin respiratory tests. Workers exposed to benzene will have tests on the hematological system, hematocrit, red blood cells, and blood platelets.

In 2016, to improve the health check usage rate, the BLI has extended the health check certificate validity date to the end of March of the year following the date of issue. Starting this year, the BLI will notify enterprise unions of relevant health check information, urging employers to arrange health checks for their employees. The BLI calls on all employers not to miss out on the free health check opportunity in the remaining months of the year and to keep the insured healthy.
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Last Update:2019-03-13