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The Labor Insurance Period is Accumulated Based on the Actual Insured Days

The labor insurance coverage period is accumulated based on the insured person's actual enrollment time. If coverage is discontinued for a period of time, every 30 days of accumulated insured days is counted as a month, and 12 months is a year. The average monthly insurance salary will be considered as the insured person's enrollment record for the month, as long as the insured person is enrolled in insurance in that month, and the declared insurance salary will be included as the basis of the calculation.

Regarding the calculation method for the old age pension benefit, the current stipulated formula is the insured person's average monthly insurance salary (based on the highest insurance salary in 60 months) multiplied by 0.775% of the insured period plus NT$3,000; or the insured person's average monthly insurance salary (based on the highest insurance salary in 60 months) multiplied by 1.55% of the insured period. Between the two, the better benefit will be given. Due to changes in society, the service sector and non-traditional work are flourishing. Many workers enroll in labor insurance but often fall short of having enough days to accumulate a complete insured month. Currently, the Bureau of Labor Insurance of the Ministry of Labor (hereinafter referred to as BLI) is approaching this issue from the perspective that is most beneficial to the general public and the least restrictive. As long as a worker is working and enrolled in labor insurance, regardless of the number of days worked in that month, the declared insurance salary will be included in the formula, and then the highest monthly insurance salary from 60 months will be used to determine the average insurance salary.

To prevent individuals from using short-term enrollment while declaring a higher insurance salary to increase the average monthly insurance salary and take advantage of the benefits, the BLI has regularly performed special reviews of abnormal enrollment. The BLI is also considering establishing a system with a more reasonable calculation method, to improve the labor insurance's finances. For example, the total insured days must be at least 15 days or more to be considered as the insurance salary for the month. However, the establishment of a relevant plan still requires reviews and discussion from different parties, and can only be implemented after current regulations are amended. All of the proposed plans are still in the discussion phase.
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Last Update:2019-03-13