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Since February, 2023, the BLI Has Sent, via Text Message, the “Notification for Claiming Retroactive Payment of Survivor Pension” to the Eligible Survivors of the Insured Persons Died Before February 29, 2016, If They Were Unable to Claim the Survivors Pension under National Pension Insurance during the Current Month the Death Occurred.

According to the “Principles for Managing the Survivor Pension Payment of the National Pension Insurance (Hereinafter referred to as ‘National Pension’) for the Insured Persons Deceased before February 29, 2016 - in Response to the Explanation Issued by the Judicial Yuan No. Xi-766” announced by the Ministry of Health and Welfare dated September 7, 2018, the qualified survivors of the insured persons who died before February 29, 2016 should apply to the BLI for retroactive payment of the pension (there is no deadline for the application) if they were unable to claim such benefit during the month the insured person was dead and the case has been confirmed and approved. Once the application has been reviewed and confirmed, the BLI will effect retroactive payment of the benefit for the amount payable within five years, based on the initial (original) date of application.

For the survivors who are eligible for the retroactive payment but have not yet filed the application, the BLI has, as a reminder, sent the “Notice for Claiming Retroactive Payment of Survivor Pension” by text message. The reminders have been distributed gradually since February, 2023, based on the mobile phone numbers originally provided by the applicants of the National Pension Survivor Pension Payment. Those who have been qualified for the Survivor Pension Payment during the month when the insured person was dead, therefore, may claim to the BLI for retroactive payment by completing the “Application and Payment Receipt for Retroactive Payment of Survivor Pension”. To obtain the relevant application forms, please download them from the BLI’s global website or collect from any of the BLI’s local offices. If you have any questions, please call the designated service line for the National Pension Insurance (02-23961266 #6066).
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Last Update:2023-02-20