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To Save Time and Efforts When Making Payments to the BLI, Please Commission a Financial Institution for Direct Deduction Services.

To make various payments to the BLI (including the premium payments for labor insurance, employment insurance, labor occupational accident insurance and national pension insurance; as well as the allocation of  wage arrears payment fund  and labor pension), the payer may present the payment slip to a financial institutions or a convenient store. He/she may also make payments online through computers or mobile devices. In addition, he/she may apply for direct deduction services from a financial institution appointed by the BLI.

The BLI pointed out that, a lot of financial institutions are now offering direct deduction services for the various payments to the BLI. Once the application procedures have been completed, the payer will enjoy monthly direct deduction services free of charge. Compared with over-the-counter services, direct deduction saves the inconvenience of cash delivery, infection spread risks, as well as the time for transportation and waiting. It also helps avoid the penalty caused by delayed or missed payments.

To apply for the direct deduction services, you need to hold a deposit account with a financial institution appointed by the BLI. Please visit the financial institution where you hold an account and fill out the “Direct Reduction Agreement”, in the meantime present your passbook, designated seal for the account and the payment slip (or a copy of the receipt). You will receive a separate notice from the BLI when the direct deduction services are available, advising you the month for commencing such service. The payment slip also provides details of the premium payment and the date of direct deduction, carrying a reminder that “This insured unit is paying through direct deduction. Please do not pay over the counter”. When the direct deduction has been successfully completed, the BLI will issue a separate receipt to the insured (contributing) unit as a tax certificate. For those registered as the BLI’s online users, please download the receipts through the BLI’s e-Service system.

The premium payment slips for National Pension Insurance are issued once in every two months. To apply for the direct deduction services, please visit a financial institutions appointed by the BLI, bringing your passbook, the designated seal for the account and the original personal identity card of the insured person. When the application for direct deduction of National Pension Insurance premium is successfully completed, the BLI will, instead, issue a “Notice for Payments through Direct Deduction”, providing details of the premium payment and the date of deduction. The account holder should ensure that there is sufficient fund in the designated account on that date for successful deduction. Each successful deduction for the premium payment of National Pension Insurance will be clearly recorded in the passbook of the designated account. The payment certificate, if required, may be downloaded from the BLI’s e-Service system.

The BLI encourages all insured (contributing) units and insured persons of the National Pension Insurance to make good use of the direct deduction services for payments to the BLI, which are time and cost-saving. If you have any questions about the direct deduction services, please call the BLI’s designated service line (02-23961266).
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Last Update:2023-02-20