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Compulsory Insurance Units

As stipulated in Article 6 of the Labor Insurance Act, the following workers above 15 full years and below 65 years of age shall be insured under this program as insured persons, with their employers, or organizations or institutions to which they belong reckoned as the insured units: 

  1. Industrial workers employed by public or private factory, mine, salt field, ranch, pasturage, forest or tea plantation with more than five employees, as well as workers employed by a communication or transportation enterprise, or by a public utility.
  2. Workers employed by a company or firm with more than five employees.
  3. Employees in a journalistic, cultural, non-profit organization or cooperative enterprise with more than five (5) persons.
  4. Employees of government offices or public or private schools who are not legally entitled to join civil servants' insurance or the insurance for teachers and employees of private schools (was amended as civil servants insurance).
  5. Workers employed in fishing production.
  6. Persons receiving vocational training in vocational training institutes registered with the government.
  7. Members of an occupational union who have no definite employer or who are self-employed.
  8. Fishermen who belong to Class A of Fishermen's Association and are either self-employed or do not have a definite employer.

Preceding provisions also apply to workers under 15 years of age, provided the character and conditions of whose employment have been recognized by the competent authority as not harmful to the physical and mental health of such persons.
The preceding two provisions apply to employed foreign workers.

Last Update:2021-11-29