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Business Topic

Payment of Insurance Premium

  1. The insurer will calculate the premium paid by the insured persons on a bi-month basis. (that means once every two months) In the past, the premium payment notices were mailed at the end of each even-month. With effect from year 2012, the payment notices for the preceding two months will be mailed out at the end of the following odd-month. The insured persons are required to make payments before the end of the next month (the even-month).
  2. Any overdue premium payment should be cleared within 10 years. A daily interest will be charged against the overdue payment based on the fixed interest rate for one-year term deposit announced by the post office on January 1 of each year. The interest charge shall be waived, however, if the total interest payable for the month is less than NT$30. No make-up payment is allowed for overdue payments of longer than ten years. The period of delinquency shall not be included in the insured year, either. This will in turn affect the amount of the benefit received in future.
  3. The insurer may tentatively refuse to pay the benefit to the insured or its beneficiary before the unpaid premium within the recent 10 years has been settled, either fully or in installments.
  4. The insured person and his/her spouse are jointly responsible for the payments of premium and interests of the Insurance. The bureau is therefore entitled to send written notices requesting spouse's payments within a limited time period if the insured person fails to pay the premium and interest without justified reasons and a fine between NT$3,000 and NT$15,000 will be imposed on the insured person's spouse.
Last Update:2023-09-28