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Business Topic

Indigenous People Payments

  1. Qualification
    1. The indigenous people aged 55 or above with household registration in ROC and without any of the following conditions will be entitled to apply for monthly payment until one month before they become 65 years old after the implementation of the Act.
      1. Military personnel, civil servants and teachers currently on the posts and personnel of state-run or private enterprises. However, this shall not include individuals whose monthly income is lower than the Grade 1 minimum amount listed on the Table of Grades of Insurance Salary for labor insurance.
      2. Recipients of monthly retirement pay of government employee, civil servant, teacher, and state-run enterprise employee. Recipients of military retirement pay (lifetime living subsidy) are also included.
      3. Recipients of disabled living subsidy or allowance of veteran accommodation.
      4. Recipient of government's full amount subsidy in accommodation.
      5. The amount of personal consolidated income for the latest year approved by the Revenue Service offices exceeds NT$500,000.
      6. The total value of personal land and houses exceeds NT$5,000,000.
      7. Current serving sentences in the prison, or, being detained or imprisoned because of criminal cases.
    2. The land value mentioned in previous paragraph will be calculated based on the announced land current value; as for the value of house, it will be calculated based on the appraised prices. However, deductions shall be applied under the following conditions:
      1. The zoning code of part or all of the lands have been set legally as the land reservation for public facility. Additionally, these lands are not yet expropriated or compensated because of government financial problems or other causes which are not the landowners' responsibility.
      2. The house is the only one personally owned and actually lived. But the total deductible amount for the announced land current value together with the appraised house price is limited to NT$4,000,000.
      3. Lands preserved for indigenous people which have not been used for economic benefit.
    3. The age threshold (55 years old) for claiming the Indigenous People Payment will be gradually adjusted in future until it attains the age of 65, taking into account the reduced gap between the life expectancy of the indigenous people and that of the country.
  2. Amount of Benefit
    From 2020.01.01, a monthly payment of NT$3,772 shall be made from the month of claim until the month before the applicant become 65 years old.
Last Update:2023-09-28