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Business Topic

Disability Pension Payments

  1. Qualification
    1. Individuals meeting the following criteria may claim for disability pension payments:
      1. During the insured period, the individual has suffered from injuries or diseases; has been diagnosed as physically or mentally handicapped to a "severe" degree or above and is holding a "severe" or "extremely severe" Disability Manual;" and has been confirmed to be "incapable of working" after the evaluation.
      2. The individual has suffered from injuries or diseases before he/she is enrolled in the National Pension Insurance Program or during the period when he/she is enrolled in the related social insurance programs including labor insurance, civil servants insurance, military personnel insurance, or farmers' health insurance, and he/she has received handicap/disability benefits under the related social insurance programs. Because of the increased severity of the "same injury/disease" or "same type of disability”, however, the individual has been diagnosed, during his/her insured period under the National Pension Insurance Program thereafter, as physically or mentally handicapped to a "severe" degree or above; granted a "severe" or "extremely severe" Disability Manual; and confirmed to be "incapable of working" after an evaluation.
    2. The Examination of "no capability to work":The so-called the "examination of no capability to work" means a comprehensive evaluation based on the insured person's medical records by the medical organization for disability appraisal, and confirm that the insured person needs other people's assistance for living or lack of capability to take care of herself/himself due to the disability, and is examined by the bureau to be not actually hold a job and participate in related social insurance. The above assessment, however, is not required if the insured's disability category/grade meet the criteria specified in the "National Pension Insurance Program - Category and Grading Table for the Mentally/Physically Disabled Who Are Considered Incapable of Working and Qualified for the Disability Basic Guaranteed Pension Payments under the National Pension Insurance Program" announced by the central competent authority.
    3. The insured persons, after being diagnosed as severe disabled and examined as no capability to work, can only pick one to apply for payments if they are also qualified for related social insurance regulations.
    4. The insured person is entitled to apply for only one kind of benefits if he or she is qualified for disability pension payments, disability basic guaranteed pension payments, old-age pension payments, old-age basic guaranteed pension payments and survivor pension payments at the same time.
  2. Amount of Payment
    1. Amount of monthly payment=Monthly Insured Amount × Insurance coverage year ×1.3%
    2. If the amount calculated is lower than NT$5,065 and none of the followings applied, the monthly basic guaranteed amount of NT$5,065 (From 2016.01.01,the amount increase from NT$4,700 to NT$4,872;from 2020.01.01,the mount increase from NT$4,872 to NT$5,065) will be issued until the insured persons die:
      1. Having situation where period of unpaid premium was not included in the insurance coverage years.
      2. Being a recipient of related social welfare allowance. (means living allowance for low-income old-age persons, living allowance for middle to low income old-age citizens, living allowance for disabled citizens, old-age farmer welfare allowance and living allowance for veterans)
      3. If, during the one year preceding the contingency (i.e., the date when the insured is assessed and confirmed as physically/mentally disabled to a "severe" degree or above, and has been confirmed to be "incapable of working" after the evaluation), the insured has failed to pay the premium or the interest on time, and does not make the overdue payment until after the extended deadline specified by the insurer in the payment tracer, the following formula shall be adopted when calculating the disability benefits for the first three months: "Monthly Insured Amount x Insured years x 1.3%" The insured shall be eligible to receive the disability guaranteed basic pension payments of NT$5,065 from the fourth month onward, subject to the conditions that he/she has not received the relevant social welfare allowances and is qualified for the benefits.
Last Update:2022-03-16