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Business Topic

Disability Basic Guaranteed Pension Payments

  1. Qualification
    1. An individual shall be entitled to receive a disability basic guaranteed pension payments of NT$5,065 per month during his/her insured period in the National Pension Insurance, subject to that: (1) Before participating in the National Pension Insurance, the insured has already been granted a "severe" or "extremely severe" Disability Manual and confirmed as "incapable of working" by the mental/physical disability assessment medical institutes. (2) He/she has lived in the R. O. C. for more than 183 days per year in the past three years and is not excluded by any of the following conditions.
      1. The individual has received grade 1, 2, or 3 handicap/disability benefits under the labor insurance program; grade 1, 2, or 3 handicap or mental/physical disability benefits under the farmers' health insurance program; total disability benefits under the civil servants insurance program or grade 1 disability benefits under the military personnel insurance program.
      2. Recipient of government's full amount subsidy in accommodation.
      3. Recipient of social welfare allowances (means living allowance for low-income old-age persons, living allowance for middle to low income old-age citizens, living allowance for disabled citizens, old-age farmer welfare allowance and living allowance for veterans).
      4. The amount of personal consolidated income for the latest year approved by the Revenue Service offices exceeds NT$500,000.
      5. The total value of personal land and houses exceeds NT$5,000,000.
      6. Current serving sentences in the prison, or, being detained or imprisoned because of criminal cases.
    2. The land value mentioned in previous paragraph will be calculated based on the announced land current value; as for the value of house, it will be calculated based on the appraised prices. However, deductions shall be applied under the following conditions:
      1. The zoning code of part or all of the lands have been set legally as the land reservation for public facility. Additionally, these lands are not yet expropriated or compensated because of government financial problems or other causes which are not the landowners' responsibility.
      2. The house is the only one personally owned and actually lived. The total deductible amount for the announced land current value together with the appraised house price, however, is limited to NT$4,000,000.
      3. Lands preserved for indigenous people which have not been used for economic benefit.
    3. The insured person is entitled to apply for only one kind of benefits if he or she is qualified for disability pension payments, disability basic guaranteed pension payments, old-age pension payments, old-age basic guaranteed pension payments and survivor pension payments at the same time.
  2. Amount of Payment
    NT$5,065 every month.(From 2016.01.01,the amount increase from NT$4,700 to NT$4,872;from 2020.01.01,the mount increase from NT$4,872 to NT$5,065)
Last Update:2022-03-16