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2. What documents are required when applying for disability benefits?

The following documents and certificates shall be submitted when an insured person applies for disability benefits:

  1. Labor Insurance Disability Benefits Application and Payment receipts.
    ※The seals of the insured unit should be affixed to the application. However, pursuant to Article 20 of the Labor Insurance Act, if an insured person is diagnosed as permanent disability within one year after withdrawing from labor insurance, or due to suspension of operations, dissolution, revocation of registration, declared bankruptcy or any other matter, an insured unit fails to submit the application (explanation should be attached), the insured person may claim disability benefits by himself/herself.
  2. Labor Insurance Disability Diagnosis Report (the insured person shall contact hospitals or clinics for diagnosing and issuing such report, the report shall be sent directly by those hospital or clinics to Bureau of Labor Insurance within five days after it is issued, the insured persons shall send “Certificate of Proof for sending Labor Insurance Disability Diagnosis Report directly to Bureau of Labor Insurance”)
    (1) The Diagnosis Report should be issued by National Health Insurance special contracted hospitals or clinics.
    (2) For those who are mentally disabled, the report shall be issued by Psychiatrists of National Health Insurance special contracted hospitals or clinics; for those who have neuropathic disability, the diagnosis report shall be issued by medical specialists from neurology, neurological surgery or rehabilitation department of National Health Insurance special contracted hospitals or clinics; for those who have bladder disability, the diagnosis report shall be issued by an Urologist.
    (3) According to the labor insurance disability benefit standard and its attachment table, for those insured persons who have eyes, ear, mastication, deglutition and speaking disability, viscera in chest and abdomen disability (functional disability), rachis deformity and moving disability, upper and lower limbs functions or skin disability, their disability diagnosis report shall be issued by hospital which are above regional teaching hospital and graded Excellent by new hospital evaluation system of Ministry of Health and Welfare, or national health insurance special contracted hospitals which are graded qualified by new hospital and teaching hospital evaluation system. However, for insured persons who live in Penghu County, Kinmen County and Lienchiang County are not limited by this regulation.
    (4) Applicants from areas where the present regulations do not apply may attach documentation issued by the hospital where diagnosis and treatment are performed. (For the blank forms for applying the benefit mentioned above, please contact the Bureau of Labor Insurance at 02-23961266 ext.3666 or contact the local Labor Insurance Bureau offices for the forms)
  3. Labor Insurance Disability Pension with additional Dependent Allowance Application and Payment receipts (it is limited to those who have applied pension payment and are spouse or dependent children who meet the criteria for claiming additional dependent support allowance)
  4. For those who have gone through medicinal examinations, the medicinal examination report and related pictures shall be enclosed (For those who have rachis deformity or moving disability, the X-ray pictures for the right and flank sides or CD disk have be enclosed in the application).


Last Update:2019-08-20