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11. If I am already 60 years old on April of 2010 with 30 years of insurance coverage seniority, and I have already withdrew from Labor Insurance coverage. But I didn’t file an application until December of 2010 and the time delay for claiming pension is less than 1 year, whether I am able to claim the extra amount of pension for delaying pension claim?

  1. Although the time you delayed for claiming old-age pension is less than 1 year, the extra pension for delay claiming of old-age pension will still be issued and calculated based on the actual months delayed proportationally. The time for your delayed pension claiming is 8 months calculated from May to December. Hence, the extra pension will be calculated as the proportation ratio of 8/12 (0.67 year).
  2. For example: If we calculate using the average monthly insured salary of 32,000 dollars.

    ⇒Monthly old-age pension amount claimable: 32,000×30×1.55%×(1+4%×0.67)=15,279 dollars.
Last Update:2019-08-20