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1. How do I know that my employer contribute labor pension on time? How to inquire the current balance in my individual pension account?

  1. The amount of contribution made by the employer shall be notified monthly in writing notice to the workers (or noted in payroll or electronic data transmission). So you will be informed of the contribution situation monthly. In addition, you may always access to contribution situation of individual account through various ways provided by BLI, and find out that your employer contributes labor pension on time or not.
  2. (1) Using the Citizen Digital Certificate on the Bureau of Labor Insurance’s website:
    The laborer must first apply for and obtain a Citizen Digital Certificate in person at his or her local household registration office. Then use the Citizen Digital Certificate to login to the Bureau of Labor Insurance online service website (; follow the route "Labor Pension Personal Account Inquiry and Calculation”/ “Labor Pension Personal Account Inquiry”/ “Personal Internet Reporting and Inquiry operation login”, then key in password, date of birth and national ID card number and click “Labor Pension Personal Account Information”. After authentication, the laborer may access and print personal account information and pension cumulative amount.

    (2) Contacting the Bureau of Labor Insurance and it's local offices personally:
    The laborer should bring the original of his or her national ID card or other forms of identification with photo which are adequate to prove his or her identity (e.g., driver’s license, National Health Insurance card, passport or resident permit) and visit the head office or a local office of the Bureau of Labor Insurance. Upon verification of the applicant’s identity, personnel of the Bureau of Labor Insurance will then print out a copy of the laborer’s pension account balance information.

    (3) Using the “Labor Protection Card” at an ATM machine owned by the card-issuing bank:
    The laborer must first apply for and obtain the Labor Protection Card from one of the 5 financial institutions designated by the Bureau of Labor Insurance (Land Bank, E.Sun Bank , Taipei Fubon Bank, Taishin International Bank and First Bank). The worker may insert the Labor Protection Card into an ATM machine owned by the card-issuing bank and make a query about the 6 most recent transactions on his or her account and balance information.

    (4) Using Post Office ATM Cards to inquiry Individual Labor Pension Account:
    The laborer holding Chunghwa Post ATM cards may go to any post office branch to sign a letter of consent authorizing the Bureau to send their personal information to Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd. Then the cardholders may conduct inquiries and print services about the 6 most recent transactions on their account and balance information through any post office ATM.

    (5) Making inquiries by means of the smart phones and the tablets APP:
    Entering the BLI Mobile APP by means of your smart phone or tablet, you may have access to the data in your personal labor pension account. But, first of all, you need to have your mobile device authenticated by taking the following steps:
    ①. Log in, on a PC, the Mobile Service Account Operation under the BLI e-service system and then, by means of the Citizen Digital Certificate, create an account, enable the account, have a device authentication code generated, and finally obtain the QR-code and the device authentication code.
    ②. Download the BLI Mobile APP onto your smart phone or tablet, enable the Device Authenticating function of the Mobile APP, and complete authentication of the mobile device by scanning the QR-code or Keying in the Device Authentication Code.
Last Update:2019-08-06