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9.How long will it take for me to receive the payment after filing the application? How shall I collect it? Is a handling charge required? Is the payment subject to withholding tax? Is the employer required to repay the money advanced by the Bureau of Labor Insurance?

  1. The Bureau will complete the review process within 30 days after receiving the application. An additional 20 days will be required, however, if the Bureau needs to obtain other supporting documents from the relevant competent authorities.
  2. The Bureau will transfer the payment directly into the applicant’s appointed account with the financial institutions.
  3. No handling charge shall be required from the Bureau, the employer or the representative of laborers for administering the overdue wages payment.
  4. Pursuant to the regulations, the Bureau is required to withhold income tax against the overdue wages payment advanced. It is not necessary for the employer, the liquidator of the bankruptcy administrator to make the tax withholding again when they repay the fund.
  5. The employer, liquidator or bankruptcy administrator is required to repay the money to the Overdue Wages Payment Fund within a specified period after the Bureau has advanced the payment.
Last Update:2019-11-09