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5. If a person lives overseas for long period of time, should he/she participate in National Pension insurance?

  1. For nationals who have household registration in the Republic of China and meet the qualifications for enrolling in National Pension Insurance, no matter whether they currently live in Taiwan or not, they should participate in National Pension Insurance according to regulations. If they have moved household registration out to a foreign country, or do not hold the R.O.C. passport to enter Taiwan for more than 2 years and got their household registration terminated (Not the termination of Nationality), then during the household registration termination period, they are not the insured persons of National Pension, the Bureau of Labor Insurance will voluntarily conduct the insurance coverage withdrawal for them.
  2. If the insured persons pay premiums in accordance with regulations during the period of joining national pension insurance, have given birth, have a serious disability or involved in death accident during the insurance coverage period, even though they are outside the country, they could still apply to National Pension Program for related benefits. For the ones who have ever paid National Pension Insurance premium and have insurance seniority for National Pension Insurance, even if they already have no household registration in the Republic of China or already not a national of this country, they could still apply for old-age pension benefits to the Bureau of Labor Insurance and receive the pension monthly lifetime.
Last Update:2019-08-20