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19. Do all individuals filing for the “disability pension payout” required to undergo the individualized professional assessment?

Not necessarily.

When an individual’s disability level falls under the Disability Benefit Payment Schedule attachment table’s “permanent inability to work” payout item (totaling 20 items), there is no need for the individual to undergo the assessment, and the individual is still eligible to file for and collect the disability pension payout, per the initial regulations. The rest of the disabled individuals who are unable to return to the workplace and whose overall disability level conforming to levels 1 to 7, who want to file for and collect the disability pension payout, would need to undergo the individualized professional assessment, and by then, the Bureau of Labor Insurance will request the case history from the hospital, and also notify the insured in writing to retroactive submit description on the occupation and content of work, inspection and testing report and related data, and also explain the insured’s pertinent equity, and once the documents are ready, they are forwarded for professional hospital evaluation. This means that the induction of the individualized professional assessment is poised to expand the scope and eligible subjects for claiming the pension payout, to further enhance the workers’ equity.

Last Update:2019-08-20