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Public Service

21. To collect the pension payout through the individualized professional assessment, if an individualized has already sent in the old form, can the individualized change whose application to the disability pension payout scheme?

Yes. Before the Bureau of Labor Insurance approves and releases it to an individual’s account, an individual may submit a written explanation to change whose payout scheme to the disability pension payout plan.

If an individual has filled out and send the old version of the disability benefits application and also omitted to check the lump-sum disability benefits or pension, and also has not change whose application to the disability pension before it is approved, released and remitted to whose account, the Bureau of Labor Insurance will first issued the lump-sum disability benefits; however, of an individual conforming to disability level 7 or higher, at the time of approving the payout, the bureau will provide description on relevant evaluation regulations, and if the insured person chooses to change to the disability pension within the valid review time span, the Bureau of Labor Insurance will process the application per the individualized professional assessment regulations.

Last Update:2019-08-20