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Return distribution of Labor Pension Fund in 2013 would be disclosed in individual pension fund account on March 1. Welcome to inquiry.

The Bureau of Labor Funds, Ministry of Labor (former Labor Pension Supervisory Commission) is responsible for investment and utilization of Labor Pension Fund, and Bureau of Labor Insurance(hereinafter referred to as BLI) allocates its revenue to individual pension fund account. The revenue of Labor Pension Fund in 2013 was 55,659,920,000 TWD, and BLI had made the distribution revealed in the individual pension fund account on March 1 for workers to inquiry.

BLI explains that the date and amount paid of individual labor pension are different, so is their contribution of return obtained from the participation in the fund investment. Hence, when calculating the distribution of return, its calculation how much the amount would be allocated is based on the weight of cumulative number of daily balance amount from individual labor pension accounts accounting for that from all labor pension accounts, so the return amount received by each worker varies.

Laborers may query BLI website by Citizen Digital Certificate since March 1, or download “BLI Mobile APP" through smart phones and tablet PCs to complete the authentication of mobile device by Citizen Digital Certificate for query. People could also go to BLI or each local office’s counter for queries in person during workdays.

In addition, those who query by Labor Protection cards of the Land Bank, E.Sun Bank, Taishin International Bank, Taipei Fubon Bank and First Bank or postal finance card may go to ATMs of bank or the post office for query after March 4. Since March 1 and March 2 were weekend and BLI would transfer return distribution information required to a bank (post office) in their business day, and then the bank (post office) uploads it to the teller machine.

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Last Update:2014-04-10