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To safeguard the rights and interests of the survivor(s) of a deceased worker, the Bureau of Labor Insurance takes the initiative to notify the survivors of a worker who died over 4 years, advising them to claim his/her labor pension.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Labor Pension Act, if a worker who is under the new labor pension system dies before he/she can claim the pension, then his/her survivor(s) or the claimant(s) designated in his/her will shall claim such a pension. If this claim to the pension of a deceased worker is not exercised within five years from the day following the death of the worker, it will be extinguished. To protect the rights and interests of the survivor(s) of a deceased worker, Bureau of Labor Insurance (BLI) checks pension specific accounts of individual workers under the new labor pension system every year. If a worker has been dead for over 4 years but his/her survivor(s) has/have not claimed the pension, then BLI will take the initiative to notify the survivors in order of priority by letter, advising them to submit an application, so that their rights and interests may be safeguarded.

This year, since April 1, BLI has been notifying by letter the survivors of those workers who have been dead over 4 years in order of priority, advising them to apply as soon as possible for the pension of the deceased workers before the five-year prescription period for such a claim expires by filling out the “Application for and Receipt of Worker’s Pension by Survivor(s) or Designated Claimant(s),” which is attached to the letter. The estimated number of such notifications to be made is over 6,000.

BLI further explains that after the death of a worker, the survivors who may claim his/her pension are listed in order of priority as follows: 1. spouse and children, 2. parents, 3. grandparents, 4. grandchildren, 5. brothers and sisters. If several survivors share the same priority, they should jointly collect the pension in their names. If there is any anonymous survivor, the survivors who collect the pension in their names shall be responsible for allocating the same. If any survivor is disinherited because of death, relinquishment or legal reasons, the remaining survivor(s) should collect the pension. However, if the worker designated any claimant(s) in his/her will prior to death, the will should be administered.

After a survivor completes the application procedure for labor pension and the application is approved, BLI will remit the pension as soon as possible to the applicant’s account with a domestic financial institution designated by himself. Besides, if a survivor has any questions about the letter of notification sent by BLI, he/she may contact it by dialing (02) 2396-1266, extension 5099, to inquire about and confirm the matter.

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Last Update:2014-05-09