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16. How should the self-employed operators contribute pension?

The self-employed operator, who shall not hire anyone, can voluntarily contribute to labor pension by paying an amount within the range of 6% of his/her monthly contribution wage. The exact amount shall be decided on the basis of the grade of monthly contribution wage which his/her income belongs to as defined in the Monthly Contribution Classification of Labor Pension, which contains totally 61 grades--from the first grade of NT$1,500 to the 61st grade of NT$150,000. He/she should voluntarily contribute per month by means of automatic transfer until he/she reaches the age of 60. At that time he/she may collect the principal and the profits accrued in his/her personal pension account.

If a self-employed operator decides to voluntarily contribute pension, he/she should fill out the Application for the Self-employed Operator’s Voluntary Contributions of Labor Pension and the Self-employed Operator’s Authorization for Transfers as Contributions of Labor Pension, submit or mail them together with a photocopy of his/her ID card to the BLI for processing. If the self-employed operator is a spouse with foreign nationality or a spouse from China, Hong Kong or Macau, he/she should submit a photocopy of his/her Alien Resident Card instead of ID card.

Last Update:2020-11-30