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Any insured person who is on unpaid parental leave may continue to enroll in the labor insurance program; he/she will be covered by the labor insurance and/or employment insurance all the same as before.

If you are an insured person who has already applied for the allowance for unpaid parental leave, have you also applied for the labor/employment insurance coverage continuation? The BLI reminds any insured person who is eligible to receive the allowance for unpaid parental leave that if he/she has worked for the original insured unit for over one year, he/she may continue to be covered by the ordinary accident insurance in the labor insurance program as well as the employment insurance while taking parental leave. As a result, if the insured person is pregnant again when said insurance is continued, she is entitled to apply for the maternity benefit and the allowance for unpaid parental leave, and the years of labor insurance coverage will accrue continuously. (However, during the time when she is still receiving the allowance for unpaid parental leave for raising the previous child, she will not be paid the second allowance at the same time.) With the years of insurance coverage increasing, the old-age benefit that she is entitled to receive after retirement will also increase.

The BLI explains that, in order to reduce the burdens of the employer and the insured person respectively, during an unpaid parental leave with insurance coverage continuation, 70% of the premium, the part originally paid by the employer, can be waived; however, public authorities, such as government agencies and public schools, shall pay said premium under the category of yearly budgeted personnel expenses. As for the 20 % of the premium to be paid by the insured person, he/she may choose to postpone the payment until three years later.

It is very easy to continue the insurance coverage. The insured unit only needs to fill out “The Application Form for Labor Insurance Coverage Continuation by the Insured Person on Unpaid Parental Leave,” attach the birth certificate of the child (or household registration transcript), and submit them to the BLI. The premium bill will be sent to the insured person according to “the bill-to-address” on the application form every month (any bills having no bill-to-address will be sent to the insured person’s domicile), and shall be paid off on a monthly basis. If the insured person chooses to postpone the payment of the bills, the premium bills will be mailed to the insured’s domicile after the grace period is ended.

The BLI reminds that if the insured person returns to work by the end of the parental leave, the insured unit shall send a notice to the BLI. If the insured person terminates the labor contract during the unpaid parental leave or quits the job at the end of the parental leave, the insured unit shall terminate the insurance on behalf of the insured person. Besides, any insured person having been employed less than one year is not eligible to apply for the continuation of insurance coverage. The insured unit shall report his/her suspension of the insurance first and then renew the insurance after he/she returns to work.

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Last Update:2014-11-12