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To give quick responses to public requests, the BLI offers convenience packs.

"Can I enroll in the labor insurance when I work part-time?” “What benefits can I apply for if I’m injured accidentally at work?” You can find the answers through many different channels. However, nowadays when various information networks are highly interconnected, most people will first think of the Internet and turn to it for help if they have any questions. To help those who are facing labor insurance-related problems get the right information as soon as possible instead of wasting time sifting through the overwhelming amount of data available on the Internet, the BLI published convenience packs on the homepage of official website to deal with the following four big issues: Work; Child-raising; Injury, Sickness, Disability and Death; Retirement. In these convenience packs, the BLI simplifies the common problems that the public might have and uses the most popular language and visions among the Netizens to help insured persons solve the problems in a speedy way, making these convenience packs become handy information for the great number of insured persons.

The BLI also said, “Our convenience packs are quite different from those compiled voluntarily by the general public, especially in the source of the material.” Since 2011 when the BLI set up Facebook fan page, there have been more than 360,000 fans, which has the highest rate of interaction among the fan groups of public sectors in Taiwan. This time the BLI sorted out the questions asked by the Netizens most frequently with respect to major service items and designed the convenience packs by using these 360,000 fans as a basis together with our experience in community operations and interactions with the public over the years. Although people ask many different questions on the community platform, the questions are mostly variations of the same kind. By means of these convenience packs, most of the labor insurance-related questions will be answered.

These convenience packs not only aim to help people solve problems in a short time, but are also to promote in a different way from the traditional advertisement: No more waiting passively for people to ask for or download them, but actively distributing them to the public. Through the discussions related to important labor insurance issues which take place in the forums of various mainstream communities, the messages contained in these convenience packs are transferred to the public. By means of this new kind of service channel and content, the convenience packs are converted into a totally new communication tool, and turn passiveness into activeness. BLI hopes that, combined with the current community resources on Facebook, the value of these convenience packs may be maximized.

The BLI also stresses that, in response to the present tide of Net Generation, since 2010, it has been focusing on networks and community communications and launching the fan page, the blog, micro-movies and many new community platforms according to the recent trends in network development. The BLI has also provided many convenient online services, which are extended from the existing service items, hoping that in addition to physical channels, we can serve as many people as possible through virtual channels. As for the convenience packs, besides the current four thematic series, two more themes, the National Pension Program and the BLI’s digital convenience service, will be added later. In this rapidly changing network society, how to provide the public with the most accurate and useful information is also an important goal for the BLI to attain in future.

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Last Update:2014-11-12