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1. What are the benefits of National Pension Insurance? What are the qualification requirements for claiming the benefits? Does it require a minimum length of enrollment in the National Pension Insurance?

National Pension Insurance offers five types of benefits, including “Old-Age Pension Benefits,” “Maternity Benefits,” “Disability Pension Payment,” “Survivor Pension Payment,” and “Funeral Benefit.” All individuals meeting the conditions for such benefits shall be entitled to claim for the payment according to the regulations, regardless of the length of enrollment in the National Pension Insurance.
The qualifications for the benefits are:

  1. Old-Age Pension Benefit: An individual shall be entitled to claim for the monthly payment of “Old-Age Pension Benefits” when attained the age of 65, subject to that the individual has enrolled in the National Pension Insurance program and paid the premium as required by law to accumulate the insurance period. The payment shall be continued until the death of the beneficiary.
  2. Maternity Benefit (Implemented on July 1, 2011): All female beneficiaries who have given birth or have had premature labor during the insured period may claim for the Maternity Benefit under the National Pension Insurance program.
  3. Disability Pension Payment: To be qualified for the “Disability Pension Payment”, the insured person should have experienced physical or mental disability at a severe/extremely severe level during the insured period with the National Pension Insurance program, hold relevant disability manual or proof and have been evaluated and diagnosed as “incapable of work”.
  4. Survivor Pension Payment: A Survivor Pension Payment may be claimed if the insured person has met one of the following conditions and has had “Survivor-in-line” (i.e., the survivor with the highest priority) eligible for the payment:
    (1) The insured person has died while participating in the National Pension Insurance.
    (2) The insured person has died during the reception period the Disability Pension Payment or Old-age Pension Benefit.
    (3) The insured person while after reaching the age of 65 but has not yet claimed for the Old-age Pension Benefit.
  5. Funeral Benefit: If the insured person has died during the period of participating in the National Pension Insurance, the individual responsible for the payment of the funeral expenses shall be entitled to claim the Funeral Benefit.
Last Update:2016-02-19