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4. In the event that an insured person dies but left with spouse, could the insured person’s parents claim survivor benefits?

  1. Survivors listed on the rear order as stipulated in Paragraph 2, Article 65 of the Labor Insurance Act are not entitled to apply for survivor's pension benefits or survivor's allowance if survivors listed on the front still exist.
  2. While survivors in the first order (spouse, son and/or daughter) having one of the following conditions, the survivors in the second order (father and/or mother) could claim for survivor's pension benefit:
    (1) Are all disqualified;
    (2) Die while claiming the survivor pension benefit;
    (3) Nowhere to be found or are in overseas;
    (4) Submit a claiming waiver;
    (5) Do not submit an application within one year when qualified for claiming benefits.
  3. When the survivor in the first order claim the benefits or re-conform to the claiming criteria, the benefit would not be granted to other survivors and the survivors in the first order could claim the benefits; however, if the benefits are already granted to the survivors in the second order, the benefits would not be reissued to the survivors in the first order.
Last Update:2016-02-19