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5. In case a foreign worker dies, or the survivors of an insured person do not have household registration in Taiwan, how should the survivors claim the survivor benefits?

  1. If a beneficiary personally comes to Taiwan to claim the benefit, a certificate of kinship and photocopies of the beneficiary’s passport and the Alien Resident Certificate should be submitted. In case the beneficiary does not have an Alien Resident Certificate of the deceased, a photocopy of the Entry/Exit Permit should be submitted. (Each photocopy shall bear the seal of the insured unit to certify that it is identical to the original.)
  2. If a beneficiary lives abroad and cannot come to Taiwan to claim the benefit, he/she may authorize an agent to receive the benefit on his/her behalf and transfer it or remit it to the beneficiary’s account abroad by writing a power of attorney and submitting an identity document and a certificate of kinship.
    Note: The power of attorney and other documents should each consist of an original and a Chinese translation, which should be authenticated by one of our representative offices overseas. If the Chinese translation is not authenticated abroad, it should be notarized by a district court or a notary public here in Taiwan. The documents issued in China, Hong Kong or Macau shall be notarized by a notary public office of the People’s Republic of China and then authenticated by the Straits Exchange Foundation or the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hong Kong or Macau. While filling out the application form, write the particulars of the beneficiary in the “Name of Applicant” field. And the authorized person shall affix his/her signature and seal in the “Signature of Applicant” field. If the insured unit is the authorized person, then seals of the insured unit and its person in charge should be affixed to the application.
  3. Any survivor who claims the survivor’s pension shall submit his/her identity document and other related documents to the BLI anew for review every year. In case the submitted identity document and related documents are issued abroad or in China, Hong Kong, or Macau, a Chinese translation shall be included as well as authenticated or notarized according to the related regulations.
Last Update:2019-10-17