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2. What is the maximum period for claiming unemployment benefits?

  1. Unemployment benefits are payable for a maximum of 6 months. However, if the applicant is of at least 45 years of age at the time of employment termination and withdrawal from insurance coverage, or if the applicant has proof of disabilities issued by social affairs competent authority, then unemployment benefits are payable up to 9 months.
  2. The central competent authority may extend unemployment benefits to a maximum of 9 months if there is mass unemployment due to economic recession or other emergency situations after taking the unemployment rate and other factors into consideration. The benefits may be further extended if necessary, but only up to a maximum of 12 months. During the period in which benefits are extended, the provisions of Article 13 and Articles 18 do not apply. (“Regulations Governing Extension of Unemployment Benefit Payment to Workers with Employment Insurance” has been promulgated by the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan on September 10, 2010 by the Order of Lao-Bao-1-Zi- No. 0990081813)
  3. If the unemployment benefits that an insured person receives do not exceed the maximum limit, as defined in the preceding three paragraphs, and the insured person has again enrolled in Labor Insurance before becoming unemployed again, he or she may reapply for unemployment benefits. However, the total number of months of benefits and early reemployment incentives (as defined in Article 18) that the insured person has already received will be taken into account when determining the available benefits, which will be subject to the limits specified in the preceding three paragraphs.
  4. If the insured has received the maximum allowed benefits, as defined in the preceding paragraph, then within the two-year period beginning from the date he or she receives the maximum benefits, he or she will receive benefits for only one-half of the benefit period when applying unemployment benefits again.
  5. If the insured has received the maximum benefits allowed, as defined in the preceding paragraph, his or her insurance coverage seniority will be reset.
Last Update:2016-02-23