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12. How do I apply for extra dependent benefits or allowance?

  1. When unemployed laborer visits public employment service institutions to apply for unemployment status examination (reexamination) or for vocational training living allowance, the laborer should fill in one's dependent’s information in the form, "Unemployment Status Examination (Reexamination) for Employment Insurance and Unemployment Benefits Application form and Payment Receipt" or "Employment Insurance Vocational Training Living Allowances Application form and Payment Receipt." The unemployed laborer shall also attach relevant proof documents. The employment service station shall input the information provided. After completing the application for unemployment status examination (reexamination) or conducting employment consoling and matching employment opportunities, the employment service station shall submit the applicant’s information along with the information of the trainee qualified for vocational training and associated dependent to the Bureau of Labor Insurance.
  2. Relevant proof documents refer to a photocopy of the dependent's household registration or a photocopy of the dependent's other identity document; for children with physical or mental disabilities, their physical and mental disability certificate issued by competent authority shall be enclosed.
Last Update:2019-10-21