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1. How is the amount of gains distributed to an individual labor pension account calculated? When will the gains obtained from operating the fund be distributed? How can a laborer inquire about the gains distributed to one's account? What happens if a loss is generated from operating the fund? Will it influence my pension (principal)?

  1. The Labor Pension Fund is to be invested and utilized by the Bureau of Labor Funds, Ministry of Labor, and all the profit gained is to be distributed to individual labor pension account. The formula for calculating profit distribution is based on labor pension fund's annual profit/loss times the daily closing balance of each individual labor pension account, and then divided by the daily closing amount of the fund in that year to calculate the profit and the amount is using dollar as unit and rounded up at NT$0.50.The reason is in consideration that the payment date and amount for each individual account are different so each account's contribution to the fund is also different. In order to be fair, when calculating profit distribution, it is to use the ratio of each individual account's daily closing balance to the daily closing balance of all labor pensions to calculate the profit distributable to each account. (This is the same principle as financial institution's calculation of interests for deposit using every day's deposit balance)
  2. The Bureau of Labor Funds, Ministry of Labor shall notify the Bureau of Labor Insurance the profit/loss from operating Labor Pension Fund in previous year before the end of February of each year, and the Bureau should conduct profit distribution before the end of March of every year.
  3. You can visit the Bureau's headquarters or local offices, use your natural person identity to log into the Bureau's system on the website, or use your labor protection card or Chunghwa bank card (please apply to the Bureau of Labor Insurance information inquiry service at the post office) to inquire the distributed profit on the card-issuing bank's ATM.
  4. If loss is generated from operating labor pension fund, then although the profit actually distributed to your individual account is a negative value, the distributed amount displays only the outcome of fund operation for the year. The loss will not influence your rights and interests to labor pension. When a laborer or the laborer's dependent or designated beneficiary claims for pension, if the average annual profit obtained from the amount accumulated from the starting contribution day to the pension claiming day is lower than the average amount of interest obtained from 2 year term deposit in local banks, then the profit issued (guaranteed gain rate) is calculated using the average interest amount obtained from 2 year term deposit. The insufficient part will be made up by national treasury. Labor rights and interests are definitely protected.
Last Update:2023-04-21