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7. How is the monthly insured salary for employment insurance insured persons declared? What are the premium rates and premium sharing ratio of the employer and employee?

  1. In terms of the reporting and adjustment of monthly insured salary for insured persons enrolled in the employment insurance program, the Labor Insurance Act and its relevant regulations shall apply mutatis mutandis.All insured units, therefore, should accurately report and duly adjust monthly insured salary amounts based on the gross monthly salary of insured persons and in accordance with the regulations prescribed in the Table of Grades of Insurance Salary for Labor Insurance, so as not to affect the rights and interests of insured persons who may claim various benefits provided through the labor insurance and employment insurance programs.

  2. The employment insurance premium for the current month shall be 1% of the monthly insured salary of the insured. The premium sharing ratio for employer and the employee shall be the same as that of the labor insurance program. In other words, the insured person shall be responsible for 20% and the insured unit shall pay for 70% of the premium. The remaining 10% shall be subsidized by the government.
Last Update:2021-09-07