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"Everlasting Care, Seamless Protection!" - Labor Insurance Program Celebrates its 67th Anniversary and Warrants Life-Long Services

Since its launch on March 1, 1950, the labor insurance program has now been in place for 67 years. More than 20 million people have enrolled in the program, and total benefit payments have exceeded NTD4,600 billion. To keep pace with global trends and economic development, the competent authorities have continually expanded the coverage and benefit items for the labor insurance program, which is considered the best social insurance program now in terms of benefit offered. 

Everlasting Care, Seamless Protection - The Labor Insurance Program Provides Lifelong Support
The benefit items currently provided by the labor insurance program include: Maternity benefits, injury or sickness benefits, disability benefits, occupational accident medical benefits, old-age benefits, and death benefits. Furthermore, it also includes health examinations for the prevention of occupational diseases. Participants in the Program, therefore, are receiving integrated and uninterrupted protection all through their life. With the expansion of insurance scope and benefit items, more and more workers are receiving coverage. In 2009, the labor pension program was implemented. The lifelong pension system ensures that basic post-retirement financial support is provided to workers in an aging society.

 ※Status of Insurance Benefits since the Implementation of the Program as of the End of 2016

Benefit Item


Payment Status

Maternity Benefits

The maternity benefit originally included the maternity pay and birth allowance. After the implementation of the National Health Insurance (NHI) program, the maternity pay was replaced by maternity medical payment through the NHI system. A woman who is covered by the insurance, therefore, is entitled to claim for a birth allowance of a 30-day lump sum payment. On May 30, 2014, the allowance was further raised to a 60-day lump sum payment. In case of a plural birth, the payment is increased proportionately.

The total benefit payments to date is NTD136.6 billion. Approximately 7.96 million people have received the benefit.

Injury or Sickness Benefits

A salary allowance will be granted when the insured is sick or injured and is unable to receive their original salary due to absence from work.

A total of 6.91 million cases have been approved, with total benefit payments of NTD71.4 billion.

Disability Benefits

An insured person who has incurred an injury or illness, which becomes a long-term issue after treatment, may claim for disability payment if he/she meets the standards for the benefit.

A total of 0.93 million cases have been approved, with total benefit payments of NTD189.4 billion.

Occupational Accident Medical Benefits

An insured person who receives treatment from a NHI contracted hospital/clinic for occupational accidents shall be exempted from the co-payment and be entitled to meal allowances during the hospitalized period.

Since the implementation of the NHI system in 1995, the accumulated benefit payments against occupational accidents is NTD44.8 billion.

Old-age Benefits

At the present stage, there are three types of "Old-age Benefit":
  1. Old-Age Pension Benefit
  2. Lump-Sum Old-Age Benefit
  3. One Time Old-age Benefit
An insured person may apply for an old-age pension benefit if he/she has attained the retirement age prescribed by law and holds more than 15 years of insurance coverage. A worker with insurance coverage from before December 31, 2008 may apply for a one-time old-age benefit. So far, more than 80% of the workers have opted for the pension payment.

A total of NTD3.1 trillion or more has been paid, which has been received by more than 4.26 million people. 
Since the implementation of the labor pension system in 2009, the accumulated payments is NTD567 billion. As of the end of 2016, a total of 880,000 people are receiving the old-age pension benefit on a monthly basis. The labor insurance program guarantees a well-protected old life!

Death Benefits

The labor insurance program offers funeral grants, survivor allowances (survivor pension payments), etc. upon the death of the insured or his/her family members.

A total of 3.76 million cases have been approved, with a total benefit payment of NTD585.7 billion.

Health Examination for Prevention of Occupational Diseases

Employees working for specific occupations prescribed by law may apply for benefits if they have been covered by the labor insurance program for one year or more, consecutively, in the latest enrollment.

About 300,000 workers receive the benefit each year.

Unemployment Benefits

The unemployment benefit was launched in 1999 to cope with the financial crisis in Asia. Policies relating to unemployment benefits were incorporated into the employment insurance system after the implementation of the Employment Insurance Act in 2003.

A total of 6.41 million cases have been approved from 1999 to 2016, with a total benefit payment of NTD121.3 billion. More than a million workers have benefited.


Diversified and Convenient Services; Proactive and Thoughtful Attitude
To build up a service-oriented culture and keep pace with information technology development, the Bureau of Labor Insurance (BLI) has been making incessant innovation efforts. Through optimized use of Internet technology, the BLI endeavors to provide diversified, convenient and thoughtful services to the public, including:
(I) Proactively Sending Reminders to Qualified Individuals Advising the Availability of Benefit or Options
On a half-yearly basis, the BLI proactively sends notices and application forms to married female insured persons who qualify for the maternity benefits under the Labor Insurance/Farmers’ Health Insurance/National Pension Insurance systems, but have not yet filed the application after giving birth to a child. Furthermore, focusing on the insured persons who have already claimed maternity benefits from the National Pension Insurance program, the BLI will, on a monthly basis, identify those who are concurrently entitled to maternity benefits under the labor insurance program as well as a higher benefit amount thereunder. To safeguard the interests of these insured persons, the BLI will proactively notify them of the options available.
The BLI will proactively notify a worker or his/her family members, reminding them to apply for the labor pension payment if the worker has attained the age of 60 and his/her contribution to the individual labor pension accounts has been discontinued for one year or more, or if the worker is deceased and his/her family has not yet claimed for the payment. With regard to the National Pension Insurance program, the BLI will also send notices and application forms to insured persons who will reach the age of 65 shortly or who have participated in the National Pension Insurance program previously. To safeguard the rights and interests of the insured persons, the BLI will, on a half-yearly basis, send reminders to the insured persons who have attained the age of 65 and have not yet applied for the pension payment under the National Pension Insurance program despite that the five-year period for claim will soon expire.
According to statistics, the BLI has sent more than 234,000 reminders in 2016 to advise people of their entitled benefit or options.

(II) Simplifying the Claim Procedure and Providing Text Message Notifications immediately
To render friendly services, the BLI has been diligently facilitating relevant regulation amendments to simplify the claim procedures. Individuals who have completed birth or death registrations are therefore not required to submit relevant certificates. A few examples are given below: Applicants for maternity benefits are not required to attach the birth certificate of the newborn. Applicants for old-age benefits are not required to attach a copy of their personal ID cards, either. Applicants for funeral grants need not present the death certificate of the deceased. The BLI will check and verify relevant information through the Household Registration Information System to ensure the efficiency and convenience of the services.
Furthermore, the BLI also launched the "Text Message Notification" service in June 2016 on approved maternity benefit payments under the labor insurance and farmers’ health insurance programs, if the mobile phone number is available on the maternity benefit application form. A text message will be sent to the mobile phone number provided by the applicant on the next day following the approval of the payment, advising the applicant thereof. Text message notifications will also be sent to the applicants on a real time basis, advising them that the application for labor insurance pension payment, National Pension and labor pension funds have been accepted. To safeguard the rights and interests of the applicants, the BLI will, particularly, send thoughtful text reminders to the applicants of the "One Time Old-age Benefit", enabling them to give a second thought to the decision since they would not be allowed to change their minds once the one-time payment has been approved.
To expand its service scope, the BLI has, on July 1, 2016, further extended the text message notification service to the new applicants of old-age basic guaranteed pension payments and indigenous people payments under the National Pension Insurance program. In the same month, the BLI also started sending text messages to the "Applicants Receiving the Old-age Pension Payment for the First Time", advising them of the forthcoming credit entry in advance. 
According to statistics, the BLI has proactively sent more than 128,000 text notices in 2016.

(III) Expanding the Internet Application Capacity; Providing a Variety of Channels for Information Inquiries.
To provide more convenient services, the BLI has been constantly expanding its Internet application capacity. Both the insured units and insured persons are able to access round-the-clock online services throughout the year. Insured units are enabled to use the online services to process enrollments, withdrawals, and adjustment of insurance salary; or to inquire and print the information of the insured employees. The insured persons, similarly, may use their Citizen Digital Certificates to log onto the "Internet Application and Inquiry System for Individuals" under the Bureau's "e-Service System"( to conduct inquiries, calculation or to file claims. Rather than visiting the Bureau's counter in person, people are now given more alternatives to save their time and efforts.
So far, more than 60% of the changes are made through Internet applications, including new enrollments, withdrawals and adjustment of insurance salary, etc. The average volume of cases processed has exceeded 1.2 million per month. More and more insured persons, in the meantime, are opting to file their claims through the Internet. Please refer to the statistics below:

※Benefit Payments through Internet Applications as at the end of 2016

Benefit Item

Number of Cases


Labor Insurance Maternity Benefit


Launched on Jan. 27, 2015

Labor Insurance Old-Age Benefit


Launched on March 1, 2011

Labor Insurance Funeral Grant


Launched on October 21,2016

Employment Insurance Early Reemployment Incentive


Launched on Jan. 27, 2015

Labor Pension Program


Launched on March 1, 2011

National Pension Insurance Maternity Benefit


Launched on Jan. 27, 2015

National Pension Insurance Old-Age Pension Benefit


Launched on March 1, 2011


(IV) Diversified Payment Channels Adds Convenience to Premium Payers
To better serve the public, the BLI is making diligent efforts to expand the premium payment channels. In addition to the 10,000-plus service points of the four major convenient store chains, the BLI continues to engage financial institutions for premium collection services. Currently, there are more than 5000 branches or sales offices of the financial institutions serving as the collection agents. In addition to over-the-counter services, premium payment can be made through the online ATMs of 15 financial institutions, or through Internet banking with 14 financial institutions. (For National Pension Insurance, premiums can be paid through the online ATM of 14 financial institutions or through Internet banking with 10 financial institutions). The diversified collection channels enable easy and time-saving premium payment.

(V) Simplifying the Procedures for Reissuing the National Pension Payment Slip
The ten-year grace period for settlement of the overdue premium payment for National Pension Insurance will soon expire. The BLI offers diversified channels for re-issuance of the payment slip, enabling the insured persons to settle the overdue payments in time and protecting their rights and interests. To settle the overdue premium payment, the insured persons may apply for re-issuance of the National Pension Premium Payment Slip through diversified channels, including telephone, on-line application (Citizen Digital Certificate is not required), over-the-counter application through the local BLI offices, or the voice mail auto response hot lines. Alternatively, the insured persons may log onto the Bureau's official website using Citizen Digital Certificate and download the National Pension premium payment slip accordingly.

(VI) Successful Facebook Fan Page Attracts More than 610,000 Fans
The BLI established its Facebook fan page five years ago and has received very positive feedback across the country. So far, the fan page has attracted 610,000 fans. On the Facebook fan page, the BLI provides daily information on various hot topics. The members of the three-generation Sunflower Family also provide detailed explanation about the labor insurance and labor pension programs in an interesting and humorous manner. The Sunflower Family members will provide prompt response to the questions raised by the Facebook fans. For questions not relevant to the business of the BLI, they will also help the fans to identify the correct contacting party, thereby solving the problem and safeguarding the interests of the fans.
Celebrating its 67th Anniversary, the BLI Warrants its Lifelong Services
Since the implementation of the labor insurance program 67 years ago, the government has made numerous regulation amendments and system changes. The labor insurance program, in the meantime, has been gradually developed into an integrated social insurance system. As a front-line service provider to the public, the BLI not only manages various social insurance and labor protection business, but also plays an important role in facilitating government policies and protecting the welfare of the general public. In future, the BLI will make continuous efforts in innovation and service perfection to fulfill its lifelong commitment to all workers.

PreviousBeneficiaries of labor insurance pension payments who started receiving the benefit in 2011 will undergo a 5.1% upward adjustment in pension amounts to keep pace with increases in the consumer price index. NextFrom January 1, 2017 onward, the premium rate of Ordinary Insurance in the Labor Insurance will be increased by 0.5%, to 9.5% of the insured person's monthly insurance salary. Furthermore, the Table of Grades of Insurance Salary for Labor Insurance will also be adjusted, with adjustment made to the basic wage. The Bureau of Labor Insurance will adjust the insurance salary for those with monthly insurance salary below NT$21,009
Last Update:2019-03-13