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Individuals who have been living and working in China or overseas on a long-term basis or are serving sentences in prison shall not continue labor insurance enrollment through occupational unions.

     The Labor Insurance Act is enforced in the areas of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu. Individuals working outside of these areas are only allowed to continue enrollment through their original employers if they are dispatched by the company to provide services outside of the country. The enrollment through occupational unions, furthermore, are subject to various geographical and organizational restrictions. A worker is only allowed to enroll through a job-related occupational union at the place of work when he/she is self-employed or is engaged in jobs without a particular employer in the areas of Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu.    
     The Bureau of Labor Insurance (hereinafter referred to as BLI) pointed out that, if a person has been working overseas or in China on a long-term basis and the relocation is not because of the assignment of the employer, he/she is doubtlessly not entitled to enroll through an occupational union purely for accumulating the labor insurance seniority, given the fact that his/her place of work does not fall within the applicable scope of the Labor Insurance Act.      
     Individuals who have been detained or suspended from work on account of a court case shall be allowed to continue being enrolled before the decision of the court is announced. The individual, however, is not allowed to continue enrollment with any occupational union once he/she has been adjudicated guilty by a final judgment and is imprisoned.
     The BLI reiterated that, individuals who have been living or working overseas or in China on a long term basis or individuals who are currently serving sentences in prison should inform the occupation union as soon as possible to withdraw their labor insurance enrollment. Such enrollment will be invalidated when discovered by the BLI in future. The seniority with labor insurance will be negated and premium paid will not be returned. This will also affect the benefit payment in future.
PreviousFrom January, 1 2019 onward, the premium rate of Ordinary Insurance in the Labor Insurance will be increased by 0.5%, to 10% of the insured person's monthly insurance salary; in addition, there will be a 1% Employment Insurance premium increase, for a total of 11% NextInsured Persons Born in 1958 May Apply for Advanced Payment of Labor Insurance Old-age Pension Benefits once 56 Years of Age.
Last Update:2019-03-14