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9. When will the Bureau of Labor Insurance send the labor pension payment slip? When should it be paid? And how do you pay it?

  1. The Bureau of Labor Insurance mails last month’s pension contribution statement by the 25th day of each month. Employers shall remit the contributions by the end of next month. Take July statement as an example, the Bureau of Labor Insurance shall mail out the statement by the 25th day of August. Employers shall remit the contribution by the end of September.
  2. Employers can choose any of the following methods of payment:

    (1) Collection by Financial Institutions: After the contributing unit receives the Labor Pension Payment Slip, the contributing unit should bring the payment slip to financial institutions authorized by the Bureau of Labor Insurance before the payment deadline. (For financial institutions authorized by the Bureau for collecting labor pension, please check the list on the back of the payment slip). If the payment is made by a check, only the demand check of the Clearing-house where the collecting financial institution locates would be accepted. (The payee of the check should read: "For Payment of Labor Pension Only").

    (2) Collection by Convenience Stores: If the amount payable on the Labor Pension Payment Slip is less than NT$20,000, the contributing unit may make cash payment in four convenient chain stores including 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Hi-Life and OK. A handling charge will be charged from the payer against each transaction. Once the payment is made, a receipt stamped with the store's seal will be issued to the payer for reference purposes.

    (3) Direct Debit Services by Financial Institutions: Contributing units that require direct debit services for the labor pension payment should complete the relevant authorization procedures with the financial institutions authorized by the Bureau of Labor Insurance (please find on the reverse side of the payment slip the list of financial institutions currently providing such services). After the direct debit service is activated (the payment slip will indicate the date of debit (mm/dd/yyyy), debited account number (********), and a reminder for the payer to have sufficient money in the account on the day of the debit), the financial institution will, accordingly, debit the pension fund on the date specified. The Bureau of Labor Insurance will issue the direct debit receipt against all successful transactions within 15 days.

    (4) Payment via Internet banking: Payers must first apply for Internet banking service with the financial institutions that provide online labor pension payment services. Thereafter, payers can make their payment via Internet banking by keying in the barcodes shown on the labor pension payment slip to transfer the labor pension. No bank charges will be applied.

    (5) Payment by Internet ATM service: Payers can login into the website of the financial institutions that offer Internet ATM services, through which payers can key in the barcodes shown on the labor pension payment slip to transfer their labor pension online. No bank changes will be charged for intra-bank transfers, whereas interbank transfers will be charged according to the standard charges of various financial institutions.



Last Update:2019-08-06