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Should all insured units enroll their employees who hold 2 jobs or more in the insurances?

In addition to full-time jobs, many workers may have odd jobs, part-time jobs, or side hustles to make extra personal or household income. The Bureau of Labor Insurance (BLI) reminded all workers to safeguard their rights and interests by ensuring that employers follow relevant regulations to enroll them in Labor and Employment Insurances.

Labor insurance and Employment Insurance are both in-service insurances. All employed workers who are between the ages of 15 and 65 and earn a salary from their units of employment that are compulsory Labor/Employment Insurance units shall be insured by the units. The employed workers include full-time, part-time, and temporary workers, as well as students who have part-time jobs. For workers who concurrently hold 2 jobs or more (including all types of part-time workers), and their units of employment are all compulsory Labor Insurance units (e.g., companies or firms with 5 employees or more), workers thereof shall be enrolled in Labor Insurance by all applicable employers. Workers may decide whether to enroll in Employment Insurance through one employer only or all employers. If a worker decides to enroll in the Employment Insurance through one employer, a written statement should be submitted to the BLI by the worker.

The BLI once again reminds all workers that Labor and Employment Insurances provide protection to employees in terms of occupational and ordinary accidents, as well as occupational safety. Workers who have several jobs should safeguard their rights and interests and are advised not to enroll in insurances through only one employer in order to lessen the burden of premiums. Employers who hire temporary workers, part-time student workers, and all types of part-time workers shall comply with regulations and enroll their employees in Labor/Employment Insurances. Those failing to do so shall be penalized accordingly.

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Last Update:2020-05-13