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Fishing Vessel Owners Shall Insure Employed Fishermen

In October 2019, the Nanfang’ao Bridge in Yilan County collapsed and several fishermen were injured or killed. When the accident occurred, the fishermen or their family members could apply for occupational accident benefits and access appropriate life safety guarantee thanks to being enrolled in labor insurance. The Bureau of Labor Insurance (BLI)  also adhered to the principles of leniency, simplicity and speed when processing related matters. As a matter of fact, enrollment in labor insurance by fishermen employed in the fishing industry is mandatory. Owners of fishing vessels must enroll fishermen in the insurance in order to protect their rights and interests.

Fishermen are an indispensable working partner of fishing vessel owners. As long as the fishing vessel owners hire fishermen, regardless of their nationality and regardless of the number of people hired, they shall apply for fishermen’s enrollment in labor insurance on the day the fishermen report for duty. If the fishing vessel owners fail to go through the insurance enrollment procedures for the fishermen in accordance with the regulations, in addition to being fined, the fishing vessel owners shall also be responsible for compensating the losses suffered by the fishermen.

The BLI stated that the labor insurance provides benefits to the insured person in major stages of life such as maternity, injury, illness, disability, old age and death. The protection is diverse and comprehensive. Fishermen may face greater risks when working at sea. If they are covered by labor insurance, they can properly take care of the economy and daily life of themselves or their surviving dependents in the event of a contingency, and can also spread the employers’ risk of occupational accident compensation. To take into account the rights and interests of fishermen and let the fishing vessel owners understand the importance of insurance, the BLI plans to hold labor insurance business briefings in conjunction with some regional fishermen’s associations in the second half of 2020, after the COVID-19 outbreak recedes, to explain the benefits of labor insurance and related legal rights and obligations to the fishing vessel owners on the spot, so to achieve a win-win situation for employers and employees.
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Last Update:2020-08-28